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Duplicate songs

I started submitting some songs to contests and radio shows recently. The first few, I misunderstood the process and discovered I had uploaded copies of existing songs. I don't want to remove them, because I am thinking the companies I sent them to got a link to them. So I moved them to the end of the song list.

revised "The Oneness of Being"

I increased the tempo of "The Oneness of Being" a little, using Audacity, because I felt it dragged a little

Point of View video

http://new.livestream.com/OMPlive/events/3267593/videos/59787441 lyrics at: http://patriciashannon.blogspot.com/2008/10/point-of-view.html

sheet music available for Hunger Walk, Pseufo-Patriots, No More War

Links to my blog posts which contain poems and songs are in http://patriciashannon.blogspot.com/p/index-to-songs-and-poems.html When sheet music is available, the link is given in the relevant blog post Currently, sheet music is available for: Hunger Walk No More War Pseudo-Patriots

"No More War" sheet music available

The sheet music to my song "No More War" is available at the following link. Note it has been changed because I changed the song a little. I wasn't able to find a way to replace the public copy on docs.google


I created the sheet music with MagicScore Note

To create the PDF, I used CutePDF When CutePDF installs, it creates a virtual printer that creates a PDF file So when I did a "print" with MagicScore, I specified the CutePDF printer, and instead of sending the info to a printer, it created a PDF file.

I also used MagicScore to create a MIDI file. I then used the MIDI to MP3 Converter from Piston Software to create an mp3 file