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Momma Didn't Raise No Fool!

It has been too long....trying to condition ourselves to blog!! Probably the easiest thing we can do...if we just do it! Man, that's a lot easier said than done! Gonna make some changes and try to be more consistent with this! We were performed Friday night at Tom Jackson Bootcamp in Nashville. Posting a video of the performance. Hope you like our newest Original Song. Going in the studio this week to get it recorded. Will share Momma Didn't Raise No Fool as soon as we get it!! Thanks to each of you for all the support over the years as we have grown as a band! Tell us what you think about our song!!

"You Never Learn" Music Video

Hey guys, we just posted our new music video!! Hope you all enjoy it!!


Check out our new song "YOU NEVER LEARN"

Good Morning Arkansas

Getting ready for Good Morning Arkansas!! Live performance and interview!! Tune in and watch us! Will post a video soon!

New Music

Jason Helms has written us an amazing song!! We are so excited about getting it produced and live on Reverbnation!! Typically we write our own material...but, Jason you rocked this song!!! Thanks so much for believing in us!!!

Youngest Country Pop Band in History!!

Three talented sisters, Krystal, Klaira and Katie, in love with music from an early age, came together to form Texarkana's first all-girl cover band, Kosmic Girlz, in September of 2009. Their stage name was a first of many decisions the sisters made that came to them quickly and easily. Changing the "C" in cosmic to a "K" was a clever way to reflect each sisters' first initial and note each girl's individual star power and their combined energy as a group. The girls felt that "Kosmic" was such a perfect fit that the name has stuck and the girls have never considered any others. Kolton joined the band in May 2010 and together they are Kosmic Girlz and Koltrane Band!