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New Song

"Dare to Keep Your Dreams Alive!" the new song that I wrote this past week. It's been a long time coming, but I am very proud of it, and can't wait to get into Deltona Records with Frank Starchak and have it recorded, so I can share it with all of you.

Terror in France

My most profound sympathies go out to the people of France tonight. Que Dieu vous bénisse et vous garder tous.

New Review

New Review! Unexpected, but very welcome. Thank you Rock Bandom Radio. http://rockbandom.com/tanyamaesinger-songwriter/

New Single Releases

So excited to have released 2 new singles this month. "Don't Go," and "Dance Calia." Hope you enjoy them, and Please Share.

A little bit more about Me

Recently I was asked who were the other members of my band. Thanks for asking...Even though I have worked locally with several different bands, all my original music has been written by me and vocally performed by me, with the help of two individual, highly talented musicians. In the earlier days, it was the very talented guitarist, Les Landrum, and more recently the fabulous, multi-faceted, Frank Starchak of Deltona Records. I hope you enjoy my music.

Just Keeps Getting Better

AMOC had a great practice Sunday. Worked on 5 originals, and decided to add 3 more to our upcoming practices. Looks like we are moving in a Country/Southern Rock direction with the new band. We are planning to start attending some local jams just to get our feet wet before we perform at the DeLand Original Music Fest. in November. Come out and show the love.....Thanks to all our friends and fans........TanyaMae/A Murder of Crows

I am what I am....

Two pages of great notes, lyrics, and Ideas tonight...Sometimes there is a drought...but some times (Like tonight) you build a great foundation for wonderful music...Just don't push it....let it grow...let it take it's own time... Trust your're instincts...Watch for what is coming.....T.

Moving up????

Number 7 today on Reverbnation Folk charts......I guess a few people have been taking a listen.

Moving on up!!

Just jumped to # 8 on Reverbnation...Thanks to everyone for all your support....Please continue to share my music...watch for new tunes coming soon. TanyaMae/A Murder of Crows

Just In

OMG....Just jumped to # 9 on Reverbnation....from # 42 to #9 in just 2 weeks....Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends out there...you guys are way too cool....Love and hugs..TanyaMae