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Well hello there,

I'm excited, super excited, very excited, cheerfully excited and proud to announce that I'll be heading to Philly in weeks to come for the recording of my first album. I know you've been waiting as I have for a very long time but it is finally happening the way that I imagine it to happen. I'm searching for some great album titles and I need your help! Send me an email with your ALBUM TITLE idea! Some of you have been sending me really nice idea's so far however let's keep it coming to help me a decision. Thank you for your help!

-Raquel M Jackson

A prayer with Todd Williams via Gmail Chat 10/30/2010

Todd: Chu doin'? me: Praying... Todd: Always good me: Pray with me... Close your eye and breath deeply but steady. Inhale the thing things you pray for and exhale them to God's ear. Sent at 3:56 PM on Thursday Todd: Peace me: Imagine his ear right in front of you. Breath out your prayers to his ears. Feel his presence... I call this a breathing prayer to God's ear. It helps me to stay calm and focus. It's hard for me to just pray out loud or keep still for prayer. I like deep breathing. Todd: It's VERY effective I just sat here for a second in the moment me: It really helps right. Almost like you don't want to stop :) Listen to your heart. beat sit still enough and focus on your blood streaming through your body. Try to hear it move. Imagine the flow between you and God when he created you.

Where would you like to travel and why?

Dubai out of all places? YES!! It's been a short dream of mine to visit this wonderful place on earth. One reason is because I would love to visit the man made islands. If you haven't heard of them o my you must search for it online and do your homework. Palm Islands, The Palm Jebel Al, Palm Jumeirah. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palm_Islands

I must admit I thought it would be a bit scary honestly to visit but the more I researched the more I wanted to at least live here for at least 6months. Would I move to Dubai for good probably not lol. Visit? YES! How long? I would love to stay there for about 2weeks. What would I do? Travel all over far as the eyes can see. I want to taste the food and learn more about the culture and the talk to the natives.

Everyone should take sometime out to view the world! I know it seems impossible sometimes to get to places and for those of you afraid to fly just get up and do it!!! Make the best out of your life no matter your age or race just go take a chance! You only live once.

25 Random things you should know about me.

Okay so I did this on facebook and loved it. I think it's only right to share with my reverbnation friends. ENJOY!

1. I use to make love in the playground when I was younger. I might have made one of my children on a swing.

2. I have a crush on tall men with strong arms and great legs.

3. I went through a porn phase. I don't like watching black guys having sex with black girls. I dunno know why it's just is that way.

4. I've been practicing abstinence for sometime now :) trying to start a chapter over in my life that I didn't know how to start over with in the past.

5. I just told a man that's I've been seeing that I loved him for the first time. Not sure how he feels about it because I haven't talk with him yet :( bummer.

6. I love GOD so much but I don't get into with other people because they try to bring me down saying this and that about what they believe but who cares I'm on my way to heaven so screw them but I'll pray for them too.

7. I'm planning on going back to school because I like the big bucks. I think something in computer technology would do me well because I'm always on computers.

8. I wish I had a secretary or volunteer who could help me with my websites and things of that nature concerning my music. I'm thankful for my Admin Cher but she's always busy :( bummer.

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Rough Language $500 Poetry Slam & Live Music Series. Femme Fatale Edition.

Sat March 20th 2010 Rough Language $500 Poetry Slam & Live Music Series Woman's History Month Edition

--- Sponsored in part by M.A.C. Cosmetics ----


Headlining: Phillippia Williams & the Blaze One Band

Also featuring: The most requested RL artist: Eva Kennedy & introducing Raquel M. Jackson the Phily Songstress...

add that with 13 amazing woman poets from around the country!

Hosted by: Femme Fatale #1 - Sheba Baby Head Rocking Music by: Dj E

Get Advance discount tix: www.belowtheradar.us

Advance price $15 / $10 students Door price $20 / $15 for students VIP $30 or $50 for "couples" ONLY 50 VIP TIX AVAILABLE - TOTAL!

Event brought to you by: Below the Radar & Traxx Girls

Sponsorship support by: M.A.C. Cosmetics The Tavern

If you'd like to help sponsor a RL event or house an out of town poet, please contact us: speakyourpeace@roughlanguage.com 404.697.9734 Location: 595 North Restaurant and Lounge ATL 30308

60 second online promo video for the Rough Language $500 Poetry Slam & Live Music Series. Held at the 595 North Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta, GA on March 20, 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoFxfbau8N4


4hero has inspired me in so many ways I just love then to death!