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Brownlucci - Dead Men Tell No Tales

Brownlucci was born in East Los Angeles California, raised in the San Gabriel Valley La Puente. A founding member of the greater L.A. area hip-hop group DERTY UNIT & founder of PIRATE FLAGG. At the age of 9, he began to rhyme, write songs and perform them in his neighborhood to his friends. At age 24 he was involved in an accident where a drunk driver collided with his chopper, and suffered a traumatic above knee amputation. He was never expected to live. His medical case remains a mystery to those studying at Loma Linda University as to why he survived. “I’ve been booked doing shows every month every year since checking myself out of the hospital in December 2007. My main mission now is branding my name, pushing boundaries, and keeping good music alive. I want to give thanks to everyone that supports me in success and failure.” Brownlucci "Dead Men Tell No Tales" The Album Coming Soon! "Dead Men Tell No Tales" features production by Big Duke of The Psycho Realm, Frankie Knucks, God Kibyrum who produced for Popa Wu's A %5 Story film and other Wu-Tang affiliates, and Son Digga who has produced for Chino XL. Other production on the album includes work from Jack Shine (Derty Unit), Willie Brokes (Derty Unit), EQ, Melvino and more. Also featured are tracks with Derty Unit and Estado de Emergenica, respectfully two groups who have established themselves as a presence in Los Angeles, and worldwide. This is Brownlucci's debut independent project with a cinematic feel. Written, directed and composed by Brownlucci, inspired by near death experiences, tribulation, turmoil, triumph and true life stories. Brownlucci’s story is unique in its own right, and is testament to dedication, perseverance, will and faith. Brownlucci is recognized for his aggressive stage presence and delivery. His music is explicit as is life, but always carries a message. “Everything that has happened to me has been a blessing in disguise, and has taught me knowledge of myself that I probably never would have learned. You learn to respect yourself, your body, and the people in your life. I’ll always remember that life is a gift and not to be taken for granted. I could ‘ve gave up easily and just walked away from everything I loved. But here I am still standing, doing more than people who have both feet. Every day is pain and discomfort, but the more examples I set, the less I think about it. In the end all I want is people to say that I stood up for my beliefs, and never gave up. If all I could do was crawl around on the floor, I’d still be doing what I do just as hard, and better than most.”