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Lot of poor folk got the Blues,lot of working musicians are not making much these days. Not many having the money to buy custom guitars, we have really slowed down building them. Getting out and playing when ever we can. Don't care for the music business, but care deeply for making music for people to hear. We won't pay to play but will play for love, will play for a good meal, will play just because you like it, being payed is good to feel loved, but we play because we love it, paid or not......

Taking the business out

I build and customize Resophonic instruments for income and for the love of the craft,and play them for the Music. I never did like mixing playing and "business" much. Always something frustrating about the business..Love to perform with what I build. So my business model as a musician is no business model. I want to play for folks period. If it pays great!If it dosn't pay thats fine also. The point being having the richer musical experience by exchanging energy with the folks who are listening...So I give away recordings but expect to be rewarded well for building fine instruments...

Peace through Music John Cook

Keep the Beat

Lightin has been a Duo for many years, but because of a attachment to his "comfort zone" cousin Biscuit won't gig much. I'd like to be more than a solo act and would love to bring an inland beat into the mix of early blues and hill music. Any percussion crazed Roots musicans in NW that might want to work on something or a Reggae Bass an Drum section. Give me a shout