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Movie Maker

Hey ya'll been busy as Sh!t at the Barbary Coast Saloon!!! Also Gettin' ready for the New project with Free Speech!!! Windows Movie Maker is my new addiction, so don't be surprised if you see a ton of Vids pop up!!! Other than that I'm just waiting for my baby girl to be born!!! Athena Viola Finnas around Thanksgiving, she's my 1st & I'm Way excited!!! That's all for Now, Love ya, F!Le M0!!!!


Hey ya'll. Been a minute since I spat at ya. Just working, getting things ready for my 1st baby due in Nov. Super Excited! Rockin' U92 Summer Jam this year w/ da crew so come check us out! Love your Life ya'll, keep chasing your dreams! Later!

Driving in Utah

I've had multiple driving jobs. I was even an Ice Cream Man. I've traveled quite a few places & logged many-a-mile. People in Utah Suck at Driving! They have no surrounding or Down-the-Road awareness. This is all during good weather, a bit of rain or snow, which we get a lot of snow, they become totally impaired. Way too fast, Cut ya off, run red-lights, always talkin'-or-textin'. I was cut off twice & 2 people pulled out in front of me today. One of which, would it have happened the last couple days, when the high was 20 degrees, i would have plowed that fool... So beware if you take the wheel in the City of Salt.