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HERES SOME TENTAIVE DATES IF YOU HAVE A PLACE FOR ME TO PLAY IN YOUR TOWN HIT ME UP ILL PLAY ANYWHERE!!!! MAY Tues 1st - Cleveland OH Wed 2nd - Pittsburgh PA Thurs 3rd - Washington DC Fri 4th - Charlotte NC Sat 5th - Atlanta GA Sun 6th - Jacksonville FL Mon 7th - Orlando FL Tues 8th - Miami FL Wed 9th - St Pete Fl Thurs 10th - Clearwtaer Beach FL Fri 11th - Gainesville Fl Sat 12th - Atalanta GA Sun 13th - Cinncinatti OH Mon 14th - Pittsburgh PA Tues 15th - Rochester NY Wed 16th - Philadelphia PA Thurs 17th - NYC NY Fri 18th - Clifton Park NY Sat 19th - Asbury Park NJ Sun 20th - Asbury Park NJ Mon 21st - Boston MA Fri 25th - Las Vegas NV Sat 26th - Las Vegas NV Sun 27th - Las Vegas NV Mon 28th - Las Vegas NV Tues 29th - Anaheim CA Wed 30th - Anaheim CA Thurs 31st - Phoenix AZ JUNE Fri 1st - San Diego CA Sat 2nd - Los Angeles CA Sun 3rd - San Francisco CA Mon 4th - Eugene OR Tues 5th - Portland OR Wed 6th - Seattle WA Thurs 7th - Boise ID Fri 8th - Salt Lake City UT Sat 9th - Denver CO Sun 10th - Dallas TX Mon 11th - Austin TX Tues 12th - San Antonio TX Wed 13th - Houston TX Thurs 14th - New Orleans LA Fri 15th - Atlanta GA Sat 16th - Nashville TN Sun 17th - St Louis MO Mon 18th - Kansas City KS Tues 19th - Minneapolis MN Wed 20th - Milwuakee WI Thurs 21st - Chicago IL Fri 22nd - Indianapolis IN Sat 23rd - Detroit MI Sun 24th - Cleveland OH Mon 25th - Pittsburgh PA Tues 26th - Washington DC Wed 27th - Baltimore MD Thurs 28th - Philadelphia PA Fri 29th - NYC NY Sat 30th - NYC NY JULY Sun 1st - Boston MA Mon 2nd - Albany NY Tues 3rd - Syracuse NY Wed 4th - Buffalo NY Thurs 5th - Rochester NY Fri 6th - Rochester NY Sat 7th - Buffalo NY Sun 8th - TBA Mon 9th - TBA Tues 10th - TBA Wed 11th - TBA Thurs 12th - TBA Fri 13th - Camp Bisco Sat 14th - Camp Bisco Sun 15th - Camp Bsico Mon 16th - DAY OFF Tues 17th - Cleveland OH Wed 18th - Pittsburgh PA Thurs 19th - Washington DC Fri 20th - Richmond VA Sat 21st - Charlotte NC Sun 22nd - Nashville TN Mon 23rd - Memphis TN Tues 24th - New Orleans LA Wed 25th - Atlanta GA Thurs 26th - Atlanta GA Fri 27th - Atlanta GA Sat 28th - St Pete FL Sun 29th - St Pete FL Mon 30th - DAY OFF Tues 31st - Kansas City KS AUGUST Wed 1st - Denver CO Thurs 2nd - Boise ID Fri 3rd - Seattle WA Sat 4th - Seattle WA Sun 5th - Portland OR Mon 6th - DAY OFF Tues 7th - Sacramento CA Wed 8th - San Francisco CA Thurs 9th - Fresno CA Fri 10th - Los Angeles CA Sat 11th - Los Angeles CA Sun 12th - San Diego CA Mon 13th - Phoenix AZ Tues 14th - Albuqurque NM Wed 15th - El Paso TX Thurs 16th - San Antonio TX Fri 17th - Autins TX Sat 18th - Houston TX Sun 19th - Dallas TX Mon 20th - Memphis TN Tues 21st - Atlanta GA Wed 22nd - Charlotte NC Thurs 23rd - Washington DC Fri 24th - Pittsburgh PA

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So yeah i guess you can put me on your phone now haha!!!