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looking for keyboard player

Looking for mature experienced keyboard player for Clapton tribute band located at the Jersey shore area. call Johnny if interested...732-691-9374

We The People Power

Why is it that it takes a great tragedy like 911 to unite and bring the citizens of this great country together. What about all the brave Americans who gave their very lives while we continue to bellyache about how bad we have it. Here are 2 songs I released in 2001 called "We the People Power" and "Stand Up for the Land That You Stand On". I hope you can find a few minutes to listen to these lyrics and share these songs, and maybe just maybe one of the buffoons in D.C. will too....God Bless our great country and it's people..........Johnny Flora

The Songwriter

I am a Songwriter. True to an ancient tradition, I use this artform to tell a story. Since the beginning of civilization, minstrels have been combining melody and lyric to tell their stories, amuse and entertain the courts of kings and queens, and get a message and opinion listened to. Our generation has been graced with some of the finest songwriters ever born. Musicians like Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Carole King and many more are all part of a Great American songbook that goes on and on forever, all creating perfect marriages of melody and lyric. Here is a link to my site where you can play some of my songs. They too are stories, some are protest songs, patriotic songs, environment songs, songs about homelessness and everybody's favorite topic; love songs. I keep writing songs because I love to tell stories. I know I'll never get rich and famous doing this, but that is not my intention. I love to tell a story, to mix the ingredients of melody and lyric together and mold it into a finished product.....I really hope you can listen to some of my songs and that they brighten your day. Remember to support independent musicians who continue to write beautiful music for little or no recognition............Much obliged , Johnny Flora.

"Catyclysma", by Johnny Flora

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must-Read for Sci-Fi Junkies! May 25, 2012 By GGiordano Format:Kindle EditionThis fiction novel which is set in modern times chronicles what would happen if an ancient Egyptian magic converted domesticated housecats and other furry felines into beastly terrors. The author, Johnny Flora, goes to great lengths to use colorful imagery to describe these new found reactions of man vs. beast. He really paints a horror-filled picture with extensive use of the color "red" if you catch my drift. The beauty of the book is that it really makes you think: "what if?"

Wake Co. by Johnny Flora

Wake Co. January 15, 2013 By Linda Bass Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseWake Co.

What would you do if a deformed schizophrenic man plotted to rule the entire financial market? Peter Falconi was born with a defective head when an inept doctor botched his delivery and made him a horror that not even the nuns could save him from the evil inside him as a boy. When Peter graduated from high school, he left his family and never looked back, he had a plan to make money by creating Wake Co, a funeral parlor business and buying out every local business by hook or crook. He had a master plan ro be the first trillionaire on the planet!

WOW, does Johnny Flora capture his readers from the very first chapter, twist their imagination, and hold it hostage with his astounding book that I couldn't put down until the very last word was read! Wake Co. is filled with cross and double cross, deaths, mafia hits, and so much more that readers should enjoy this book as I did!

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