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Soul Ascension headquarters has some exciting news . The band has parted ways with phobe stone the our bass player for the last few years , she has decided to move out west and expand her horizon west ward . The rest of the band wishes her well and good luck. Soul ascension wasted no time in filling in the spot with local musician Chris who technical bass playing and musicianship is second to none . With two shows under his belt adding his own flare and style to the mix wich will be expressed fully in the bands second album currently being worked on over the summer .The exit of phobe stone did require some re tracking and therefore we will be pushing the date of any release hopefully to the end of the fall season .. In the mean time we will be concentrating on tracking and recording the new album throughout the summer and bringing you some new covers tunes to dazzle the ears with .We have added some shows dates for late summer and the fall so stay tuned and check the schedule below as there will be some more show dates added .. as always if you have not done so please download the bands debut album on Itunes or Amazon ..

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remember to vote for the soul ascension band to earn them a spot in the hard-rock cafe battle of the bands http://www.reverbnation.com/soulascension?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav#

Angry Bull Hartford Friday

Be sure to support the Soul Ascension band this Friday at the angry bull 103 Allyn st Hartford 830pm for radio 104 battle of the bands

reviews of quichoo

some more fans review of the track quichoo 1.The instrument that you hear in this track is the electric guitar is very addictive and bouncy. I also think this is due to the nature of the drum pattern. The vocals from the artists are very competent and sound like they have been doing for this for years. I also think that this is the type of record that you would expect to stay in the charts for many weeks. 2.This tune begins with a cool beat on th electric guitar. This song reminds me of a song from the 1960s. The tempo is fun and the beat follows suit. The bridge in the middle of the song is an effective transition to the second verse. The band is a good one and they play like they are having fun at what they are doing. Great guitar solo and riffs!


some great reviews of the track quichoo if you haven't streamed it yet check it out .here what some fans are saying 1.The guitar riffs in the beginning of the song are alluring for starters. The song seems busy enough to get hooked on the chorus and melody. The smooth vocals of the singer are not too loud and add more depth to the song as a whole. The ambitious and clever word play of the lyrics make you want to listen to more as the song progresses. The song has a generous amount of instrumentals and never a dull moment. The song length is good and there seems to be hit potential in this song.

Ascension news

The Soul Ascension band has started recording their first full length LP .(yet to be named) the tracks crystal and the fan favorite pills have already begun others songs will be willow , sister sally and kali mah .the band hopes to have a cd release party in the early part of 2014.. we will also be putting select songs up for streaming before the release as a tease so stay tuned..

thank the soul ascension band

sept 14th saturday

the soul ascension band rock the Blue Plate cafe, plainville ct. this Saturday night September 14th at 9 pm no cover so no excuses .this may be one of the last shows in 2013 as the band will be focusing on their new album to be released in early 2014.

august 10th show

the show scheduled for august 10th has been canceled due to a mix up at the venue , we will be rescheduling that show soon and will provide another date ASAP.

free show

next show date august 10th Saturday night at the Berlin central station berlin ct. for a full 3.5 hours of live music no cover hope to see you all there

saturday show

this Saturday catch the soul ascension band 6/22 at the Berlin central station Berlin ct 9pm no cover .