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Blog #2

There were some fine artists "back in the day" who for some reasons never got as popular as others. Some of the ones I have enjoyed listening to include: Red Allen, Earl Taylor, Joe Val, Bob Paisley & Ted Lundy, Jim McCall, Buz Busby, Scotty Stoneman, East Virginia, Connie & Babe, Clinton King & The Virgina Cutups, Roby Huffman, Bailey Brothers, Red Cravens & The Bray Brothers, Shenandoah Cutups, David Lambeth, Mac artin, Charlie Moore, Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, John Cosby, A.L. Wood, Bill Blaylock, Red Taylor, Billy Baker, Barrier Brothers, Dub Crouch & Norman Ford, Foot Hill Boys, Chubby Anthony, Earl Garner & The Texas Mountaineers Curtis Blackwell & Randall Collins, Jake Landers, Cliff Waldron, Jim Eanes. I am not sure about the legal issues surrounding playing music over the internet to people who have an interest in obscure music, but maybe somebody can tel me what the rules are.

Blog #1

This is my first blog attempt. I would like to talk about music and maybe share a few recordings of some of my favorite artists from the past who don't get much recognition anymore.