Two new releases for ACID DEATH in 2017

We are more than happy to announce two new releases for the band in 2017! A digital single release and ACID DEATH's very-very first album, that sees the light for first time on its original/physical form. So! Here are all the details:

1) ACID DEATH - "Life And Death" - feat. Jon Soti, Digital Single One of the most powerful tracks from band's latest and successful album "Hall Of Mirrors", a track that includes also the melodic vocals from one of the most known and beloved Greek Metal singers, Jon Soti, now will be out as Digital Single in a new version. It is the first time that ACID DEATH has such a release! Available worldwide on February 24th, 2017 by 7hard/7us Media Group GmbH.

2) ACID DEATH - "Balance Of Power - 1992" This was band's lost and very-very first album, recorded in 1992 and never saw the light on its original/physical form. Available on limited edition vinyl/cassette on March 10th, 2017 by the Greek label Floga Records. (www.flogarecords.com)

​The same period that the band is preparing its new material for the next -untitled yet- full album (7th official release) there are 2 more releases for all ACID DEATH's fans, old and new! Also available through band's official site: www.aciddeath.net/merch

Back to Work! New album's preparation.

2016 was an awesome year for ACID DEATH. At the rising of 2017, after the successful X-MASS in HELL tour, the band continues working on new material. ACID DEATH's next -untitled yet- album of course needs a lot of work to be ready, so there will be many updates till the day that the band will enter studio. A huge bucket of new music and lyrics is under heavy process! Stay tuned for more info!

X-MASS in HELL tour 2016... A Total Blast!

X-MASS in HELL tour 2016 With two words: Total Blast!!! So many good memories, so many new friends!! We’d like to say a big “Thank You” to our new brothers: DEATH BED CONFESSION, DOWNCAST COLLISION, FROM THE SHORES, and SIX FEET UNDER. Also to tour’s managers Falko & Jörg Damman for their patience and all the arrangements, to the heroes behind the scene, Locke on sound & Stefen on stage management….But most of all THANK YOU to all of you, boys & girls, ladies & gentlemen, who came to see us alive… We Love You All!!!

X-MASS In HELL Tour 2016. The final dates, and lineup

X-MASS In HELL Tour 2016. The final dates, poster and lineup!

- SIX FEET UNDER (Us. - Celebrating 21 years of "Haunted") - ACID DEATH - DEATH BED CONFESSION (Us) - DOWNCAST COLLISION (Nl) - FROM THE SHORES (It) .::Dates::. Fr. 09.12. Essen (Ger) – Turock Sa. 10.12. Glauchau (Ger) – Alte Spinnerei Su. 11.12. Flensburg (Ger) – Roxy Mo. 12.12. Berlin (Ger) – Blackland Tu. 13.12. München (Ger) – Backstage We. 14.12. Solothurn (Ch) – Kulturfabrik Kofmehl Th. 15.12. Nürnberg (Ger) – Hirsch Fr. 16.12. Aalen (Ger) – Rock It Sa. 17.12. Weinheim (Ger) – Cafe Central

It is a total Blast!!!! We can't wait to see you all!!!!

ACID DEATH's first unreleased mini album "Balance Of Power". Out on January2017

1992-2017… 25 years later! ACID DEATH’s first official recording “Balance Of Power” mini LP, that was recorded and scheduled to be released in 1992 and never saw the light of day, is going to be released in the beginning of 2017 through Floga recs. Very-very limited quantity vinyl/cassette. More information at: www.flogarecords.com

Xmas In Hell Tour 2016. ACID DEATH on tour with SIX FEET UNDER.

ACID DEATH is more than happy to announce that will be on tour with legendary U.S.A Death Metal Pioneers SIX FEET UNDER The Xmas In Hell tour 2016 is scheduled for December/2016, powered by Bruchstein agency and the entire dates and bands are listed below:

Bruchstein Agency presents: Xmas In Hell Tour 2016 - SIX FEET UNDER (USA) - ACID DEATH (GR) - DEATH BED CONFESSION (USA) - FROM THE SHORES (IT) + Support

Fr. 09.12 –TBA- Sa. 10.12. Glauchau (Ger) – Alte Spinnerei Su. 11.12. Flensburg (Ger) – Roxy Mo. 12.12. Berlin (Ger) – Blackland Tu. 13.12. München (Ger) – Backstage We. 14.12 –TBA- Th. 15.12. Nürnberg (Ger) – Hirsch Fr. 16.12. Aalen (Ger) – Rock It Sa. 17.12. Weinheim (Ger) – Cafe Central

We can’t wait to see you all!!!!

Before 2016 ends...

...Well...Before 2016 ends, what's gonna be ACID DEATH's next step? Oh Yes!!!! It will be a really BIG one! The details will follow next days! Stay tuned!!!


Ok!!! Here is the first show scheduled for the next season! EXTREME ASSAULT fest @ Modu club, Athens. September 8, 9, 10, 11. – The full line up: ACID DEATH, RELEASED ANGER, NIGHTBREED, CHAOS UNDIVIDED, DACIDIFIED, DEAD HUMAN FACTORY, DOMINATION, DOUBLE SQUARE, IN WAR, KREUZENSTEIN, MALICIOUS SILENCE, NUCLEAR TERROR, OVERCLIF, SABOTER, WOMB OF MAGGOTS. – A total HELL of Extreme bands from all genres in ONE festival, the first festival of the new season after summer! See you there!!!!!

Buy now all ACID DEATH's albums at a really special price!

Here is an offer only from ACID DEATH's official site. Now, you can buy the 4 full length albums (Hall Of Mirrors-2015, Pieces Of Mankind reissue-2016, Random's Manifest reissue-2016 and Eidolon-2012), plus band's sticker and picks for ONLY 35 euros (free shipping). Visit www.aciddeath.net/merch

New material: We are well within the process of creating new stuff!

Well, ok, it’s time to be announced officially. ACID DEATH has started creating new songs for the band’s next studio album. Less than a year after “Hall Of Mirrors” release, a HUGE bucket of musical and lyrical ideas has already been created waiting to be processed. Of course, no album title or any other related details yet, BUT! The thing that stands over the top: The new material that we are creating has still long ways to go until it is even remotely presentable. The whole process is something we look deeply into and we want to take a careful journey so we can reach a destination that we are very happy with. Stay tuned for more news! #‎AcidDeath‬ ‪#‎Discography‬ ‪#‎HallOfMirrors 7hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_aWvljd7P8