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Demo Package

One more step until I send off my music demo package to Roc Nation and other Major labels... I'm beyond excited right now.

2013 Is mine for the taking

The way things are going so far this year, man this is about to be a very exciting year. Working on my Sony demo, bouta have my music played in the clubs in my home city. My fanbase keeps growing bigger and bigger every day. I am so blessed.

2011 Full Of Excitement

It's finally the new year and things are coming together slowly... i am super excited for what's in store for my music career... Bright lights... big stage... millions of screaming fans.... I'm so ready.. i have a funny feeling about this year.. could this be my year???... with the signs that are coming my way.. i think it might be.. fingers crossed... : )

Long Time Come'en

I been doin music since I could remember, I'd say about 4 years old. I can remember spittin my first freestyle... lmaooo.... funny stuff. I can remember when my dad put me and my brother and my cousin in this group called the gremlins. I was the youngest, and shortest so i always felt like i had to work the hardest. I say that because being the smallest you stand out and people just expect you not to be any good. So I've had to prove everyday of my life, my music was just as good as the older kids. plus i had glasses on, them big oh bifocals that were so cool to wear in the 90's. HAHAHA that just made it worst for me, especially in school. I never was the popular kid cuz i was too shy and people made fun of my glasses. I earned a lot of respect in school though. When the other kids found out i spit they tossed me into battle expecting me to get beat.. Lets just say I surprised a lot of people. I know i'm ready for the spot light because nobody is a harder critic on my music, Then I am..