some good press :)

Hello there ,

Just another quick note to let you know we have had some great press this week

we were track of the day on the classic rock webiste :-


Our new Album got an 8/10 on Buzzjack reviewed here :-


And they are using "Grind it up" from the rainbow hours on " that paralympics show" on channel 4 , you can watch it at 13:25 on channel four on saturdays or on 4OD here :-


hope you all have a great Halloween , whatever your up to . . .

sqwhhhhahhha ahahhahawk (evil seagull laugh)

oh my blog

Hello everybody hope your well , The seagulls nest is a hive of activity these days with chicks coming and going non stop , this last month we have been teaching the latest edition to the flock young Joel Youngs how to fly , which translated means Joels learning the songs and the drums are sounding wicked , we have also made a video for the title track of our latest album which you can see on our many pages or accounts , the best thing though and i say this with a keyboard , is we have new songs , and i actualy like them , also im at the door of an old mine deep inside my mind and i know once this door opens . .. well something good will happen. Gigs are booked all over the uk forever , since we started this band , we have never not had a gig thats 13 years of giging , hahah , fuck no wonder were so good , if you like that sort of thing

we have now sold 500 copies of Our latest album , "To insanity and beyond" , and im coming to the conclusion that it is like Marmite you either love it or hate it , but impartiality is seldom encountered ,which is good , at least we are generating some kind of emotional response , personally i love it on toast , but not keen on it with salad or anything savoury. judge for yourself get hold of a copy. listen to it on toast or whatever you like to listen to stuff on stereo's , crack , whatever floats your three skin boat :)

ok , if you just read all that i award you 25 points you can cash them in with me personally at a gig and get something , ill drag you backstage introduce you to my mum and tattoo a map of Anglesey across all three of us so only when we meet will it be complete , or ill give you a CD , badge , blanket , lift home depending on your needs

ok thats enough of this for now

loads of love Marcus x

Name Change

Hello there , hope your having a pleasant November , As most of you will know by now Valleum have decided to change the name of the band , we have been announcing our plans at our recent gigs and we have be really happy with reaction from you lot , "SEAGULL KINEVIL" (our new name) has been very well received and we look forward to putting out our first album under the new name sometime in December , we have spent the last ten months making this album and we just cant wait for you to hear it ,in fact ill put a couple of new tracks up after i write this , so go and check them out , see what i mean. We are only changing the name of the band the line up will remain the same and the style will still be unmistakably us , we will also still play classic valleum songs at gigs if we feel like it so don't worry :) , so thats the score guys , the valleum egg has finally cracked and out hatched Seagull Kinevil , see you in a gig soon

loads of love , marcus xx , squark


Valleum were formed on the island of Anglesey sometime in the last century , their breed of welsh hedonistic friendly Yet caring insanity has to be heard to be believed.

Incorporating aspects of 'System Of A Down' and 'Faith No More' with the cheekiness and charm of 'The Kinks' and the creativity of Kate Bush.

Valleum have independently recorded and released three albums to date. Their latest album 'The Rainbow Hours' charted at number one in there local charts, selling in excess of two hundred copies in its' first week and includes the video for the song 'CB Radio', which was produced and funded by the band themselves.

Played hundreds of gigs all over the Europe including Glastonbury festival and a tour of Norway. They have supported top acts including number one artist 'Chumbawumba' , they have recently appeared on ITV wales and have also been toured as support to pouges singer Shane McGowan in festivals in Ireland this summer

Valleum have played at least two live shows each month for the past two years, in venues throughout the country including Cardiff , Liverpool , Manchester London. And always looking for more They have adapted their live show to incorporate smaller more intimate venues by creating an acoustic (MTV Unplugged style) version of their high energy rock set, which has been enormously well received. Valleum believe the only way to be in a band is to play live.

They were recently the subject of a documentary on ITV , now viewable on www.youtube.com.