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Special Guest Artists

We have been jamming with two talented guys! Jordan Goehring and Matt Jaramillo will be performing with us at Tenn Street Coffee, Sunday 18th.

Magical First Friday

There is no better venue for Odyle to play in than a magic shop filled with oddities. We will be performing all our most macabre and dreamy songs - following us will be a magician and then a mentalist. It is sure to be a surreal evening.

SUnday Morning at Tenn St. Coffee

Nice time on Sunday. Thanks to Tenn St. Coffee for having us!

Tenn St. Coffee

Thanks to Tenn St. Coffee for having us on Friday. We had a great time. It was our first time with electric guitar and effects. It was kind of a slow night but we were so happy to have some dear friends with us!


Playing at Paris Wine Bar Saturday 11/24. 9:30- 12:00. Come on down and hang out! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paris-on-the-Platte/215547158211

Upcoming Shows!

Odyle is pleased to be playing at The Walnut Room Pizzeria in Denver CO! Join us for mind altering music and great food!