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What is there to say about Psychotic Reaction, other than its a trio that does not stop working. Wether its in the studio working on songs, playing shows anywhere and everywhere or just hanging out talking shit to each other like they are brothers. These guys love playing music and you can really tell when you see them live. Very high energy, very involved with the crowd. Bobby Layton and his thick guitar riffs and his adept ability to thrash around on stage and get the fans moving. Nolan Dacus with his insane guitar solos and speedy licks. Whitt Condit and the high intensity drums that tie it all together. These guys have managed to channel what Rock music is all about. Their influence of 1960's-70's Punk and Garage rock with a splash of Heavy Metal drum style is exactly what our generation needs in a band. You will be entertained when you see them play. They make you fall in love with music all over again.