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Back the ATX

back in Austin first two weeks of April... planning shows around my running the Capital 10K

Austin, Tejas

booking shows in Austin this November....been missing my hill country a bit lately


just got home from working in the studio. we added trumpet, thank you Ian Gordon, and I am thrilled with what it adds to the song. I surfed in Sayulita a few years ago and was reminded how the ocean can heal us. While in studio I watched the graph of the sound....my vocals, the trumpet, drums...the pictures on the screen looked just like sets of waves from where I sat on the balcony three years ago in Sayulita early one morning watching the dedicated on their boards, las tablas, bobbing in the golden light. I am not the greatest surfer, I am very inexperienced. But I am totally in the spirit and I know that the core of life is out in the water, feeling the rhythm of the ocean, following instinct and whispers on the wind. There is nothing better than riding a wave.

flor de cana

listening to Bob Marley and drinking a cuba libre....wishing I could have my feet in the shore. Pennsylvania woods are fine, however, and I fall into the ultimate state of relaxation despite my distance from the mighty ocean.

I don't want to wait in vain....