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The Approach

Everyone in a band makes a CD. They go into a studio, put a bunch of songs on a disk,and have a "CD Release Party". They obligate friends and family to go to the venue, spend hard-earned money at the bar and buy thier CD. The problem is: The poor bastards in the band would be lucky if thier listeners, as well intentioned as they may be, get past a couple of songs. Nature calls...the phone rings.. maybe they were listening in the car and the ride was over. The point is people get interupted. More often than not, most of the band's songs never get heard. The listener, puts the disc on the coffee table or in the center console with full intention of hearing the rest but just never finds the time. Therefore, much of the band's songs are essentially wasted. The unfortunate part is those "lost" songs may be the bands best work. We are highlighting one entire song off our new CD every month for you BEFORE we put the the collection out. Right here and ABSOLUTELY FREE. That way, every song gets to be a "first" song so you can quickly listen, enjoy, and go on with your life. Our goal is to let you hear the music in small doses when it's easy for you. Then, if you like what you hear, you can come back every month and listen to a new, entire song FREE. None of this 30 second teaser crap. Nothing to download. Nothing to signup for. Just stop by and click Play. Please give us feedback on our Guestbook. Decide for yourself if you want to attend our official disk release performance to get all the songs on one CD. No surprises. No obligation.