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A whole lot of Gawker going out

Gawker has all kinds of stuff going on lately. First off, listen to our songs and vote for us! http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/Gawker Remember, listening to our tracks on that site helps too, as well as leaving comments there. Second on the list is our next show. We're playing the Token in Westland on April 5th with four other great bands. This show will be the farewell performance for our lead guitarist, Ben. Which brings us to the third piece of news... Gawker needs a lead guitarist or keyboardist. If anyone is interested in auditioning please email us at wearegawker@gmail.com. See you on April 5th and keep your eyes peeled for a new studio track coming soon.


See you all live in November. If you would like to have a sticker please get ahold of one of us.

Gawker on the MOVE

Gawker is playing 2 shows in August, looking at the studio in October, and will have stickers and other shit for you to play with soon.

Gawker loves you.