RIOTGUN will prevail...

18 years of pure streetpunk rawk n' roll madness folks. I want to personally thank all the European and South American labels and music collectors who have made it possible for us to continue world wide. I was recently informed that there was a Riot Gun (two words) in France, who's sound is similar to ours but with a more hardcore leaning, not sure why they chose to do a variation of our name when they could have easily picked something way cooler. But playing music is all we care about. And we have been busy recording new stuff for German upstart punk label "Last Punkrocker Records". So search them out. One of the last true vinyl labels that really cares about the music and not the money, cuz really, who makes money selling records now? It's really a labor of love and a community building exercise more than anything. Martin should be applauded for his efforts. More new news, since old guitar player T-Ball may never return to california from Nashville (Slave Laborer for Gibson Guitars), even older guitarist Raul "Rollo" returns to his guitar duties, with his young 2 year old boy in tow. Yeah, our RIOTGUN family is producing the next generation of streetpunk rawk n' rollers, including my clan of boyz (3 to be exact) to produce the future RIOTGUN in the next decade... We have some shows and tours planned (Europe festival season maybe?), so stay in touch and there will be plenty of music out there as well as some suprise guest appearences by reputable streetpunk collegues. I'll be back in a bit to keep ya updated. Cheers folks, next round of beers are on Shawn Bosco Noon (our bass player), so hit him up and tell him Lugz sent ya!