So Blessed!

Wow what a year 2012 turned out to be. It was definetly a year filled with many accomplishments and lots of great surprises! There were some bumps along the road, unexpected gliches but through it all I can truly say it was so blessed and the best is yet to come. No matter what you went through this year "promise" yourself that you're going to believe in your dreams in 2013 because it's possible Iove yall stay focused!

Blessins & Happy Holidays Promise Marks

Building A Strong Foundation!

Hello and Greetings to everyone in the Promise Nation Network it came to me today that it was time to write a new blog. I titled this blog: Building A Strong Foundation because that's exactly what we're doing! One of the greatest joys I get out of being an Artist is YOU the Fans because you inspire, encourage, motivate and insight ideas that become great songs! You're love & support have enabled me to reach more people and touch more lives. The Foundation of Promise Marks is to continue to create great music and to continue to share it with as many people as I can for the purpose of sharing music that touches lives just as all of you have touched mine.

Promise Marks hit's the charts again!

I'm so honored to announce that Whatever Happened charted on the UK Soul Charts at #27! Thank you to everybody for all the love & continuous support love yall!

Thank You!

Greetings to everybody from the Promise Nation! It's been a few months since my last blog entry and so many things have happened and are happening. On February 17, 2012 I released 2 singles, Whatever Happened & Sunshine. On April 14, 2012 I released a 3rd single Chill With You. Since these releases have taken place I've received wonderful reviews, more new fans and the singles have been added to a few radio station playlists. So I just wanted to take time to say thank you!

Thank you to everyone who's continue to send me shout/out's, comments, messages, like's & shares on Facebook and coming out to my shows. An artist without fans is like an empty table on Thanksgiving. Music production for me is like preparing an amazing meal so thanks for showing up and enjoying the meal that we prepared. This project was 4 years in the making that didn't come easy. The time and care that went into this taught me so many things about life that it made me a better writer. Our production labored and diligently worked hard long hours and maintained a focused dedication but most of all the reason why I sing was because of the love. I write for my listener with the hopes that my words and my voice would bring peace to a hurting soul, a confirmation that I feel your pain and a validation that I understand it.

I Love being an Artist and a Writer.... It's my passion and I'm grateful that God is making room and a platform for which to share this beautiful gift of music that he's given me. I thank you for your listening ears to hear it in such a way that you constantly encourage me when I feel uncertain. Thank you for cheering me on through the hard days and pushing me through to see better days. While there's much more to come I've learned that if you don't celebrate the small steps like big steps you'll never be satisfied with any steps and therefore living your life unfulfilled and never satisfied which can make one become greedy and bitter. I choose the path of gratitude in my attitude and live everyday with a heart of thanksgiving! I see great things ahead while I know with great things there comes great difficulties as well as responsibilities but that's what makes the victories so sweet! I Love you all thank you for supporting Independent Artist your support gives us the visibility we need to reach the next level! Thank you! LIVE with COURAGE find you BALANCE then WALK in it! Peace & Blessings; Always Dream Big Promise Marks Neo/Soul Recording Artist

Happy Holidays from Promise Marks

Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings my name is Promise Marks I'm Independent Recording Artist singer/songwriter. I decided to write & release an original Christmas single this year so I hope you enjoy it and join my fan page for brand new music in 2012!