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When I'm Gone

Lotta crazy stuff happening in the world these days, and as of late a lot of folks been passing away outta no where.... Just so that it is known to all... When I die, I want my dreadlocks to be shaved off, preserved and kept. My hair is the only thing I came into this world with, the only possession I have and will have kept through out the entirety of my life, and it is the one of the only physic al parts of me that will remain long after I have gone from this world. Once my dreadlocks have been removed and preserved, I want my body to be burned under an open night sky so I can see the stars one last time. I DO NOT want to be buried. I DO NOT want to be cremated in a crematorium. I DO NOT want my ashes kept in an urn.

Words of wisdom

Life is like a box of chocolates. It goes great with a glass of milk.

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