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Perform where....?

Here are some places/venues I have performed in the past and some I will continue to play in the future, for those who want to know where to go.... Tim's Downtown Tasting Room, Gilbert Cellar's, Track 29, Brew's & Cue's, Brats n Brews, Hoop's, Yakima Music Festival, Farmer's Market, Singer/Songwriter Showcase, Speakeasy, Silver Lake Winery, Weise's Bar&Grill, the Grail venue..... And there will be more to come... Most listed are local, but some are in spokane and Idaho..


I'm very honored and proud to say that I support Angels of East Africa... We've held a charity event for them in the past to help raise awareness/funds and will continue to do so in the future, so keep an eye out for that..! I encourage you to check them out and help support their cause..!!! www.angelsofeastafrica.org www.machinegunpreacher.org Learn how Sam Childers is saving lives in Africa