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Story behind these songs

These songs definitely have a history to them. Joe and Chris are mainly metalheads who like to drink and have a good time. About 4 years ago, they decided to ditch the electric guitars and started jamming together on their acoustic guitars. The irony of the situation was that Chris was going through a breakup with his ex-girlfriend when Joe, at the same time, was entering into a new relationship. These two situations brought about very different emotions in their respective song writing. The most evident example of this contrast are in the songs "Jenna's Song" and "Moving On". These two songs ended up, ironically, back to back on the album's track order but are complete opposites in both mood and meaning. "Jenna's Song" is a positive and upbeat song written by Joe about the girl whom he was about to become romantically involved with. "Moving On" is a somber and melancholy song written by Chris to show his frustration and fear of letting go of a long term relationship which was already on the rocks. This somewhat describes the contrast on the whole project. While mostly dark, some songs show a small glimmer of positivity. This is the mindset that we were in 4 years ago when these songs came to life...and that's as honest as music gets.