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Mysarium. Once a 15-year-old’s dream. Now that same child’s reality. Ever since I knew the names of the strings on the guitar, I’ve wanted a band. I had all the equipment, the motivation, and the songs. I just needed the members.

August 2006 brought about my first band. Blood Of Betrayal, consisting of 5 members. Frank on vocals, Myself on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Atticus on Lead Guitar, Steve on Bass, and Coleman on Drums. We were based out of New Britain and Berlin. We practiced for about a month before our first show, on the Webster Theater Main Stage .. the show, the band quarreled for about a month before I was asked to resign on 10/15/06.

Then the following month brought me to my second band, The Congregation. We had a full house with 7 members. Dave on Vocals, Matt on Lead Guitar, Myself on Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Cody on Rhythm Guitar, Nate on Bass, Seamus on Bass and Keys, and Zach on Drums. Shortly before my first show with the band, Cody was kicked out. We played at The Carriage House in Suffield on 12/30/06. Almost instantaneously, we dropped the name and dropped Matt.

We reformed under the guise, Inferium. Dave on Vocals, Myself on Lead Guitars and Vocals, Seamus on Rhythm Guitar, Nate on Bass, and Zach on Drums. This lineup lasted about a week. Dave went into the Navy and Nate and Seamus worked on a different project. That left me with Zach. We tried out our friend Derek on Bass and Pat on Rhythm Guitar, but it just didn’t work. My band was falling apart at the seams. Zach and I lasted through July of 2007. We then realized it just wasn’t working, and we went our separate ways, though we still jam now and again.

It was desperate times for me. It took me a while to learn how, but I eventually started recording my own stuff. Thus, Mysarium was born.

Throughout the time I was experimenting on this project, I joined a few local Berlin bands, one being Perfection Is An Act. We were together for about 3 months before they decided to change their style. And once again, I was asked to leave.

I then also started experimenting with techno with 4 of my close friends. We are called Technology For The Soul. We are currently recording new material.

For a short time, I was the lead guitarist/backing vocalist for Dead Before Dawn. We split due to inability to practice.

Then from April 2009-May-2010, I was the bassist/backing vocalist for Eye Of The Pyramid. We played numerous shows and even released an EP, The Distance. I had ongoing struggles with our vocalist. We were stepping on each others toes. And I had an ongoing struggle with our rhythm guitarist. My once best friend decided to date my Ex. Since then, tensions have been high. Our lead guitarist contacted me, stating that all the members have been talking about it, and found it to be best for me to leave.

As for Mysarium, I have 13 CD’s finished right now.

-Mysarium -Transitions -Drop Everything... -Circle Of Zen -Scapegoat -Holy Shit, The Church Burned Down!!! -The Battle For Life -Mortuary -Viral Host -Oblivion -Blow -Break -Risk -Acidic Lucidity -The Next Chapter (Finishing Vocals) -Reckless Endangerment (Writing Lyrics) -Champcore(Writing Lyrics) -Not For The Hearing Impaired (Writing Lyrics)