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A tornado dream

A had a dream I went to go meet a band director at a school. I was with someone as well. I wanted to help him with private lessons and making his students perform better. When I met him, it was like I wasn’t even there. He didn’t like me from first sight. He talked to the person I was with who had no intentions of helping him but join me because they knew each other. I tried and tried to get him to acknowledge why I was there but he was a complete asshole and ignored me. I left disappointed, humiliated and embarrassed. The other person was driving. As we turned a corner there were two tornados in front of us. The person I was with asked if they were close and I said “Yes, turn around, what you are doing?!” So we turned around and I see the tornado smash a farm and tracker right behind us. Wood and debris flew right at us and giant debris just missing us. The person with me drives faster and faster passing other cars on the road but not matter what, the tornados kept up with us. 18-wheelers are tossed right beside us. We couldn’t stop for safety because there was nothing to shelter us and they were right behind us, we wouldn’t have enough time. The tornados followed us into a Nevadan desert looking place with stretched orange and red terrain with plateaus in the distance and desert plant life of sparse green. The road had a sharp turn so we had to drive into the dirt to keep the speed of the vehicle. The ground was muddy from the rain. The tornados were only yards from us at this point! We had to stop and take cover some how because we would not be safe in the vehicle. We pull off to the side of some brush and tried to find a way to survive. Suddenly a big cement cylinder that broke off something flies and hits the ground beside us. I had a feeling the tornados were going to toss it at us so I run quickly towards it and tried to burry it with muddy sand and clay. But it was too late. The tornados were too close and I didn’t have time to run back. It was now four tornados; two black tornados, a smaller black one on the side and one big one in the center that was the color of the desert sand and mud. The person I was with watched from a distance as they came straight towards me. I sit down in a ball holding my legs tightly with my arms in the muddy sand. Now they are only feet from me and everything begins to slow down in slow motion as they as approach me, I duck my head down and close my eyes and hope I live… I wake up with a very empty feeling inside. I am finished writing this now and I feel a little better but still empty. Why would I dream of such disappointment and fear?