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Coincide is back! Please keep your attention to this page to learn about how you can get NEW MUSIC from Coincide! We are going in to the studio starting this Saturday. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on the past few months. We've got 2 new guitarist, 6 new songs, new shirts and other merch as well. Be sure to come see us play live February 6th at the Hideout in Omaha!

Future of Coincide 9/13

So far this year (2012), we've been very fortunate in that we made changes within the band and gotten 2 new members. We produced, recorded, mixed/mastered an awesome LP and have been playing a minimum of 1 show per month and have had amazing opportunities to play with some top notch local and regional/national touring bands such as The Sammus Theory 2 times, cage9 and Soulicit. We've been promoting nonstop through our official website as well as social websites and in person at various shows in Omaha. We have created a ton of merchandise for anyone to purchase. You could say we've met most of our goals for the year in about 7 months! Going forward, we will have some new goals and it starts right off the bat with some new music and a music video to come with a single. We thank you all for coming out to see our shows and it has been great meeting so many new people as well as sharing the stage with some very talented musicians! Be on the lookout for new music and a big push in the right direction from Coincide. Without your support, we have nothing so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening and sharing with others! - Ben