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Turkey Tracks

Last year I won 90 minutes of recording time at the Eau Claire Music School. Shawn Smetz is the owner and director who engineered the recording. Rather than shoot for perfection by doing multiple takes of the same song, I opted to use the time to record a jam session. With Kalin (my son) on bass, along with a vary talented mandolin player, Caleb Horne.

We had never played together as a group and with only an hour to warm up, we just let the tapes roll (figuratively) and just played music. I threw songs at these young guys that we never rehearsed, and they pulled it off pretty damn good. It was my pleasure to play with such fine talent.

The recordings were done just before Thanksgiving. So, I decided to just call the session "Turkey Tracks."

For now I've posted two of the songs from the session, here at Reverb Nation. One is an original 'gypsy swing' style instrumental called "Kickin' the Dawg." The other is an old traditional song called "Make Me A Pallet."