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What's the Opposite of a Bullet?

I'm shooting up the charts with whatever is the opposite of a bullet.

Still Clawing and Scraping.

Title says it all, kids. Still clawing. Still scraping.

pop pop pop

Hey now I wanna be pop.

Clawing like a man dog

I'm clawing my way to nothing.

Nashville Bound

Hey there, someone. As I trudge toward new steps, Nashville keeps making its presence felt. So what they hey.... might as well just go. If this message gets to someone who actually lives there or close, I'd love to hear your insights and suggestions about that land which is so foreign to me.

Computers vs. Real Life II

What the hay!?! Now I'm up to #5 locally and I went up 200+ points nationally and globally. This thing is rigged! In the real world, I'm still as unpopular as ever.

Computers vs. Real Life

According to my ReverbNation data, I have moved up 2 positions in my local ranking (why - I don't know), but have move down 10 steps in my global ranking (why - I don't care). Strangely enough, my emotions did a funny li'l twist. Why do number-nerds play with the heads of artists? It's some kind of crazy control mechanism. Number-nerds, get some talent of your own why don't you. Leave mine alone.

Crazy music

Yea. I'm finally making music that only dogs and crazy people will understand. Must be doing something right.

Portland Again

Getting psyched for my upcoming trip to Portlandia. Love the crazy love up there and the opportunities to play whatever I want. Now, if I could only figure a way to make money at this...... ha ha.

Talent vs. presence.

I'm just thinking of a world that could differentiate between talent and presence. What a beautiful world it would.