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5 new songs available

5 new songs are available to stream and download. We recorded and mixed them in two weeks. Rough, but you get the point. 3 more need to be mixed, 4 more need to be recorded, and we are still writing. New art is available from Deather of www.indeedhell.com. Will post that soon. Visit our website www.demonicon.us. We are opening for Hate Eteranl, Origin and others at Station4 July2 so check that shit out. More metal than you can fit your mouth around.

Band update 1/4

We currently are getting ready to record new Demonicon material. Most of the material was written within the last year or so. We will hopefully be debuting new material at The February 23rd Malevolent Creation show at Station 4 in Saint Paul Minnesota.

We are always looking for shows so friends in other bands or in bands in different states don't hesitate to get ahold of us.

We hopefully will be getting an online merch store soon.

More to come