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you would do better if you knew better

I'm a little bummed about the state of Hip-Hop at the moment. it just seems like people are not really taking pride in their music. Artists today have been doing what everyone else is doing and expecting to make a million dollars in two days. Music is not like that. Art is not like that. It's time for us to bring diverse sounds and different swaggs to Hip-Hop. take pride in your OWN style, your OWN delivery. We as artists have to build a foundation and develop it over time. stop imitating these mainstream "Fad Rappers" that in all honesty, don't give a fuck about the grind or struggle we underground/indie rappers have to endure. They "made it" most of the time copying some other shit. Its okay to have influences but don't let yourself be consumed by the urge to bite another motherfuckers style because that's what people are listening to. You can be productive and big and still maintain a sense of yourself. Listeners and fans want to hear the struggle and the hunger in your music. They want to hear that you are fully aware of your flaws. So if you don't have a fucking Lambo don't say you do. if your not a ladies man don't claim to be. if your bank account is empty stop flashing and rapping about income that's not there. be yourself and that is what makes you stand out. Remember fly niggas do fly shit. so if you know your shit is fly do you. give them mufuckers some shit to talk about and give em hell on stage!! lets do better people.. just sayin