this is a very very short blog but i have to say, i have changed as an artist and have grew alot! on my way to becomin 1 of the best, slowly but surley! #SupportGoodCraft #FlawlissEnt #CrossTheWorldEnt

coast to coast mixtape opp!

Vote for my song '"Georgia" ' on #Coast2Coast Mixtape 224 Hosted by Kendrick Lamar http://c2c.fm/SGu2oZ


my new album is here, check it out some of the singles that are posted on my page, hopefully you love the work i put into this album, if so then show love and support the movement by purchasing a copy of my album in my store, thanks!

EXPLANATION OF Flawliss Evolution and when its expected!

"Flawliss Evolution" my new album is goin to be a collection of songs (some produced by myself) that are going to show off my talent i have with emceeing! its going to showcase the progression and maturity of my lyrics and basically take people into a different zone of music. i am strictly myself and am not trying to be anyone but me, i have a strong passion for music and with this upcoming summer album, its going to show that, im chasing a passion and not a dream so label me as a go getter!! i can only hope that people continue to love the music i release and that if its destiny for anything to become of it, let it be. but until then please show your support by dropping by the page to listen and comment on the music!! sincerely, FLAWLISS FLOWS!

just me!

i am not a rapper, im just me! call me an m.c. i do this because i love it and not because half the world does, and u can hear the passion in my music!