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New Look, New Songs, Same Energy

Since Stew left East Coast Secondaries in December, East Coast Secondaries has gone through some major changes. After taking a break from music for about a month, Alex, John, and Nick began the search for a new singer. At this time, it was decided to pursue a new guitarist as well.

Aaron Armentrout, a friend of the band, was selected to take over Stew's duties behind the microphone. Attempts to find a new second guitarist so far have not produced a permanent member of East Coast Secondaries. The band therefore has decided to continue writing songs and playing live with only Alex playing guitar.

Armed with components of 5 new songs, East Coast Secondaries will be unveiling new material over the Spring and into the Summer. Come out and spend some time with us over the next couple of months to hear some new tunes and get a feel for our new line up.

Currently Auditioning

East Coast Secondaries are currently auditioning singers to replace our current singer Stew. As of January 2011, Stew is moving to Florida to continue school.

Hopefully we will have someone lined up soon and can pick up where we will be leaving off at the end of next month.

Stay tuned for more updates to come.