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To everyone that has shown us support on this journey. We can never fully express what you mean to the movement. Shout out to all the real artists in the 218. By real I mean genuine...not gangster.


"Addiction" : a Stanza by Cut

the block is 'hot'....while the streets is 'cold' where -roccs- are bought...and -weed- is sold...'green' is -gold- / deals are made with 'paper'...in exchange for instant gratifications an epidemic...which did not...set it's limit...within the descendants of african nations/ underground empires constructed from the struggles of our peers... smothered out by 'the fire' thats combusted after smuggled in on piers/ with more troubles come the fears... times pass and quite fast...quickly the months run into years/ a cons addiction truly seems to be his test and ambivilance to see contradiction dually between depressants and stimulants/