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Utica Boilermaker 2014 - Inspiration On The Run

Sunday July 13th 04:30 AM - Members of The Pomeranians arise to begin their pre-show gear load in ritual and take the show on the road to Utica, NY for the 37th annual Boilermaker Roadrace. With coffee and bagel sandwiches from The Bagel Grove and power generously provided by Tony's Pizzeria, The Pomeranians set up on the corner of Burrstone Rd and Sunset Ave and prepare to humbly entertain the river of runners as they pass in front of the Faxton Urgent Care Campus. Our fears of unfavorable weather melted away as the first runners passed through and we threw ourselves into the musical task at hand. Music and inspiration became as one as the floodgate of runners opened up. The interchange of runners, entertainment, and observers offering each other encouragement was a truly rewarding experience. The Pomeranians would like to thank the organizers of The Boilermaker for including us for our second year at The Boilermaker and to Tony's Pizzeria for being at the shop bright and early to provide power and space for The Pomeranians rock show. Also we would like to give special thanks to the runners, fans, and other entertainers that made this such an unforgettable event.

Artists UNITE! West-Fest 2013

Tip of the cap to Wendell West and the boys from Agrestic for setting up West-Fest 5 (2013) an outrageously good time complete with 5 local bands (The Pomeranians, Just After Dark, Frayed Knot, Viral and of course Agrestic), fireworks, food and open bar. Just a great gathering of good people and great Central New York bands. Cheers to all that had a hand in organizing, playing music, or partying at West-Fest!

The Tighten Up

No 2 gigs are alike, it is known. Sometimes the gigs you think are sure to go well end up being a nightmare and sometimes the low pressure gigs end up being EPIC! Sometimes you need to accomplish in one set what you usually do in 2 or even 3 sets...tighten it up and blow their minds with a spot-on single 12 song set. Then sit back and invite your friends to join you on music mountain for a chance to exercise their voices on the mic. Next you slowly slip away for a beverage or 2 and a pulled pork sandwich while the crowd is busy entertaining themselves. But always remains that first tight-ass set for them to remember...

All Amped Up For Technical Awesomeness

The gear is loaded in, the Poms hunger is sated by coffee and innovative waffle meals, the fans arrive and its showtime! The Poms are up, scrambling for our gear, setting the stage for our long awaited rock-opera. Our maestro gives the signal and musical fury is unleashed, but something is amiss: no lead guitar, amp failure. Lead guitarist Jimmy Jam slips into the Matrix to effect repairs and the rest of the team attempt to satisfy the crowd's ravenous desires for aural art. After two songs Jimmy emerges in true boy-scout fashion (Be Prepared) with a second amp! Then like V-8 engine with new spark plugs our rock machine roars, banging on all cylinders. Kudos to the man, James, who I liken to a professional bobsledder pushing hard but late into the sled saves the day with his efforts and wins Olympic gold! Hail to Jimmy, Huzzah to our fans, and LONG LIVE THE POMERANIANS!

the minus 2 acoustic sessions

...in a sort of pre-production for the Land Locked Surfer Sessions #2 (slash an excuse to hang out), the Pomeranians have begun a series of acoustic sessions...we uploaded one track from the "acoustic iceman sessions" and some pickers of Ice hard at work on the 4 stringed bass...

Band Temperment

The Pomeranians Temperament There is no question that the Pomeranians are lively little dogs. They are very intelligent, eager to learn, and are very loyal to their music and the family of loyal listeners that they create their art for. They can also be willful, audacious, and even sometimes very temperamental. Those are all things you have to consider when thinking about when going to a Pomeranians show. First we’ll talk about the positives of The Pomeranians band, as there are numerous reasons to love this band. The Pomeranians can be excellent watchdogs because of their alert and keen nature. They are constantly on the watch for something to happen, and are usually right there when it does. For such little dogs they have a resounding bark, and are often thought to be much larger than they really are. As one of the most independent of bands, they do not cling to their families or handlers, in fact they are often thought to be standoffish. They are proud and happy animals when they are with their fans, but can spend the some of the day alone and not cause any damage if trained correctly. The Pomeranians also are very attentive if they feel you need it. This is what makes them excellent companions to older children and the elderly. They go where they are needed, and are delightful to have around. Now we will talk about the negative aspects of The Pomeranians. There are no negative aspects...go see The Pomeranians as soon as possible.

Hungry Like the Wolf

At this time we would like to thank our fans for making our first show at La Vie Boheme Bistro such a success. We would also like to thank the owners of La Vie Boheme and the Community Action Partnership of Madison County for making this show possible. So what now for the Pomeranians? We have consulted with Mickey and he has told us to stay hungry like Rocky in the first two movies (that is why we don't eat before gigs, in fact I don't eat before blogging either). So we are going to don our dirty old sweatsuit, chase a chicken around in an alley, and hit the recording room to lay down some inspirational tracks to staunch the audio-hunger of the masses. Watch for new content on our ReberbNation page in the coming weeks after Thanksgiving for some new tracks. In other news, have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving; eat lots of food, but STAY HUNGRY!

To Capo Or Not To Capo?

When asked this, Pomeranians bassist Andy "El Capo" McHugh replied "Are you seriously asking me that? Of course I capo, its like having a third hand and who doesn't want a third hand? I just feel bad that not all members of the band can benefit from this little miracle. I think someone should invent an automatic kick drum pedal so drummers can give their feet a rest...just sayin'. Anyways if a capo is good enough for 17th century Italian mandolin players its definitely good enough for a four-string rock bassist from Oneida."

We Are the Pomeranians

THE POMERANIANS RECIPE: 1) Locate and slip into the groove 2) Maintain the groove 3) Blow their minds 4) Leave them satisfied (and coming back for more)