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Evolution of a Hit

Evolution Of A Hit By Wendy Loomis

January 2017, San Francisco. After the election I felt the great anger and ensuing malaise that surrounded folks in the Bay Area - like the fog itself. Not one to stay depressed too long, I sat down at my keyboard and began to play. From the power of the Most High came a complete song. Sometimes it comes in small bits that need to be developed. And sometimes – like this time – it comes as one complete unit: song structure, chorus lyrics and melody, rhythms, transitions, ending.

Steady for justice Ready for peace Steady for justice united we are.

It was an anthem – to hope, to belief, to peace through justice. Excited I shared it with my long-time creative/business/co-founding partner, Royal Kent, and he was excited as well. Inspired he sat down and wrote an amazing poem filled with the COPUS theme from the beginning: Creation Of Peace Under Stars. The band began to rehearse the piece. Although we mourned the loss of our beautiful flute player, Monica Williams (who had decided to move on from COPUS to other pursuits), we welcomed the newly-arrived singer Amorelle Applin who brought a vital energy and eagerness to COPUS. Veteran bass player Patrick Mahon was thrilled with the power of “Steady for Justice” and he jumped into amping up the arrangement at full force.

Very soon I knew we had a hit. Royal and I talked about needing to bring COPUS to the next level and decided to record the single, but this time with an ace producer. Searching online I found New York-based, GRAMMY-nominated producer Yaron Fuchs who had produced tracks for a long list of folks including John Meyer, Sting, Herbie Hancock, to name a few. After many great phone conversations and plans, we set up a recording session at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. We hired drummer Robbie Hammett and guitarist Vito Gregoli (whom Royal and I had met in Hollywood at a GRAMMY weekend Indie Collaborative event).

Photo session was held at Café International in front of the incredible mural by Kemet that depicts beautiful people from the world’s cultures. Royal and I met at an open mic years ago at the Café. He walked up to me after hearing me perform a wild, atonal improvisation on keyboard with a cellist and said: “We should work together!” – and handed me his business card. The rest, they say, is history.

We collectively chose to call the single “We All Bleed Red (Steady for Justice)”. In Royal’s poem he says: “We all bleed red, but we’re all unique.” And now the single is ready to be released August 4. On August 9 we will submit the single for ‘best rap song’ consideration for the 2018 GRAMMY Awards. A pre-release review of the song came out today. “Through the new single ‘We All Bleed Red’ you get the full picture of their ambition as they look to help heal the growing divide between the people and remind us of the values that are most important in this world we share. .. Through ace musicianship and a wild, bright & bold sound, they capture the magic they’re seeking to create on “We All Bleed Red” – it’s like a combination of Quincy Jones meets Baz Luhrmann…theatrical & dramatic in nature with great storytelling, set in an old-school setting that incorporates modern-day movement in the structure and reflecting on the current state of the world lyrically. “ (JER, SleepingBagStudios.com)

Give thanks for transformation from negative to positive, for the humility of visions transmitted, for the powerful combination of “ambition and intent”.

Grammy Awards 2017

It's official. COPUS CD "Aspects" is on the ballot for 'best spoken word album' in the 2017 GRAMMY Awards consideration.

Copus IndieGogo campaign launched

Dear COPUS friends and fans!

A couple of great items to share with you today...

As you may know, one of our tracks, "Have & Have Nots", was nominated for best jazztrack at the Hollywood Music In Media awards. Your well wishes for the award are greatly appreciated!

As promised, COPUS is launching its IndieGogo campaign today to raise funds to further promote and distribute our CD "Aspects". Please do either or both of the following things TODAY:

1. Buy one of our many cool perks as listed on the campaign;

2. Share the announcement of the campaign among your social networking connections.

Thank you for your ongoing belief in the power of spoken word with music.

"COPUS could become legendary if given the opportunity to thrive!"


Hollywood nomination

COPUS track "Haves & Have Nots" just nominated for best jazz song by Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Hollywood nomination

NEWSFLASH: COPUS track "Haves & Have Nots" was just nominated for best jazz song by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. http://www.hmmawards.com/2015-music-genre-nominees/

Head Of Steam 2015

I know its been a while since we last talked. Lots of thoughts about things in the meantime. Things like world events. Our take on it is... - Terror is an error, maybe all religions ought to take a look in the mirror... - Kanye and Sir Paul, ain't got nothin' on Copus after all... - Super Bowl - a bad play took a toll - we weren't there, can't say we care... - Bobbi Kristina, our prayers - nuff said - Ukraine is way deep down in the horrors and the pain such a shame... - Boko Harem, may the world scare 'em.... Speaking of world events, COPUS is taking on a consultant/management firm with music industry cred. More details soon to follow... Meanwhile, COPUS re-launched its popular Poets & Composers Salon for 2015 on January 30th. The schedule is for the last Friday of the month. The Salons begin promptly at 8pm. Always a good time to be had for the audience as well as the artists. Here's a quote from a recent first time attendee: "I feel incredibly fortunate and honored to have experienced this evening. Wow. Great talent in a warm and intimate atmosphere. Music from the heart. Thank you for sharing your home!" So if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and care to attend, hit is up to RSVP! We're always looking to book dynamic singer/songwriters, poets, authors, magicians, healers and others interested in being a part of this House Concert series. Please contact us via this page - http://www.copusmusic.com/contact.html In other news... Get ready to enjoy the Rap/Jazz/Fusion prowess of COPUS at the famed Top Of The Mark! The date is March 31, 2015. Two shows - 6:30mp and 8:30pm. This is a Poetry and Jazz series and we are honored to have been invited to kick it off in good fashion. The series is in association with North Beach's The Beat Museum. www.kerouac.com www.topofthemark.com Dress your best to impress!

Poets & Composers Salon - Nominated for Best Literary Night

Do you have 1 minute to vote for "Poets & Composers Salon" as the Best Literary Night in the SF Bay Guardian 'Best of the Bay' annual issue? It's quick & painless! Click on "Arts & Nightlife" and enter "Poets & Composers Salon" as Best Literary Night (4th from bottom next to the "Best Strip Club" Then you can add a description of why you like this wonderful production of the best indie talent in the Bay Area. Thank you! http://www.sfbg.com/pixel_vision/2014/08/26/best-bay-2014-coming

COPUS to “Spar with Beatnik Ghosts”

COPUS will be Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts at Round 56, "Sparring All Stars" on Friday, September 5th at Felix Kulpa Gallery, 107 Elm Street, downtown Santa Cruz. Organized by poet/producer Daniel Yaryan, the poetry marathon will showcase some of California’s best poets from northern and southern California gathered together for a bare-knuckle art brawl with literary ghosts. http://www.sparringwithbeatnikghosts.com In addition to the Sparring, there will be a release party for Christopher Felver's new book with 30 or more of his portraits of iconic American musicians from jazz, rock, folk and country on exhibit. Felver is an internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker who will be giving a live presentation and book signing at the event. http://www.felixkulpa.com Time: 5:00-10pm Tickets: $12.50 at the door Address; 107 Elm Street, Santa Cruz, CA

When In Rome...

We are delighted to announce our participation in a Global Battle...of Bands!

COPUS has been selected by the good folks at the historical Hard Rock Cafe, along with ReverbNation, for a shot at performing before 40 thousand new music lovers in ROME!

The contest, entitled "Hard Rock Rising", is a great shot for COPUS so we're gonna need your VOTE. In exchange we're offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of our most popular, professionally recorded and mastered track entitled "The Fool". You are certain to enjoy listening & love it being added to your treasured music collection.

Click on the Hard Rock Rising banner for more details.


Greetings from the foggy and fantastic Pacific Ocean coastline! Lots of great things are happening for COPUS that we'd love to share. FRIDAY, AUG. 23 – COPUS has been asked to perform as part of the 5th anniversary celebration of the wonderful poetic event “Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts”. Join us and 'get your word on'! 490 Linden Street, SF. Show starts at 8pm. $6 cover.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 7 – COPUS Multimedia Artist Showcases will continue to present not only COPUS, but also the best indie talent in the Bay Area. September 7th Showcase includes singer/songwriter Edward Dix, comedian/performance artist Karen Penley, and hip hop artist/wordsmith The Archivez, plus surprise guests. Artwork by the Fallen Brotherhood collective. Come to vibrant 518 Valencia @ 16th Street (1 block to BART, around the corner from Roxie Theatre). 8-10pm. $10 cover includes Artist Showcase, snacks, and 2 drinks. http://www.518valencia.org

FRIDAY, OCT. 4 – Artist Showcase. Same great location. Guest artists TBA.


Corporate greed. The 99%. Occupy Movement. We've all read about the redistribution of wealth and lack of justice for all. Is it no wonder that artists and visionaries for centuries have sounded wake-up calls for anyone paying attention? COPUS just completed its latest music video "Haves & Have Nots" that addresses this imbalance and precedes the release of the full CD by the same name.

The music track was recorded by Jimmy Hobson at MarinWest Studios. As both a drummer and engineer, Jimmy has several gold and platinum records on his resume (Celine Dion, Hall & Oates) and has toured and played with a long list of luminaries including Chris Isaak, Billy Preston and Joan Baez. Big props also to footage by Aline Guetta, video editing by Michael Ndah, and guest vocals by Barbara Jaspersen.

If you haven't checked out the "Haves * Have Nots" video on the COPUS Multimedia YouTube channel, here's the direct link: http://bit.ly/14WHLRP



“Eastern Breeze” - a track from the upcoming Phoenix Rising CD 'Mystic Places' – was nominated for best new age/ambient song by the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. Phoenix Rising (aka composer/pianist Wendy Loomis and flutist Monica Williams) is currently raising funds on IndieGogo to finish recording and manufacturing 'Mystic Places'. 200 copies of the CD will be donated to the National Cancer Research Foundation to give to donors, cancer patients, and survivors.

Phoenix Rising has raised $3,850 of their $6,000 goal in just 2 days! You can contribute to this worthy cause – and get some really cool perks - by visiting their Indie Gogo campaign page at:


Peace, “The COPUS Crew”

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