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song lyrics and meanings

This is my goat, Log Twelve suited men lie screaming in pain On the unyielding floor of their unyielding policies

Stringent and crude Unethical and rude We're bleeding across basement walls

Four more musicians to broke for lunch Admire the twelve sickly dead corpses

Rather than waste Just one quick taste Tender as the crowbar allows

(Pretty straight forward song. Take twelve of the most corrupt, slimy, no-nothing, money-grubbing, brainwashed politicians, priests, ceo’s, suit-wearing whatevers and throw them in a basement. Beat the unholy life out of them with heavy, blunt objects and stew their remains with some fresh greens and a little salt and pepper.)

Support your local nihilist bakesale! You are not bound You are not held You have free will Forget what they said Your government has left you No one will defend you The media has fooled you Forget what they told you

You want the meaning back in your life? You want your freedom? And your rights? Then take my hand, and I will lead you To the answers that do not exist

We will lead We will explain A paint by numbers; deconstruction Step 1: Load the handgun in your closet Step 2: shoot a man who's said to have lead you Kill a politician for every commercial you've watched Kill every man with an attache Every woman with a plaster face You want your freedom? Your exoneration? Take them all, they lie and wait

(A reflection? Maybe more like a note to myself. Everybody I talk to is so fed up with government and money. No one ever has anything nice to say about the socioeconomic system we live in and yet, no one ever seems to think that perhaps a swift, radical alteration to their own perspective could be the solution. Political and economic systems work like gravity. The more people and money you have in any one, the more you end up attracting and subsequently, the harder it becomes to escape and leave it behind. You don’t like the system you’re in? Look around the room and identify what’s binding you to it. What’s pulling you in? Get rid of it.)

Death of a Revolutionary I woke up early today, just to pass the time. There's nothing to do but sit and think In this messed up world of mine. All the things our leader said Won't matter if we'll soon be dead. I'm wondering what's worth this life of crime

The siren roars as they open the doors and everyone grabs a gun. The government troops have raided our barracks For a bit of fun. Our numbers make quick work of their "army" As we march past them and into the city. With our leader's orders a civilian massacre has begun.

Down and down they go As I pull the trigger. I get closer to hell As the body count gets bigger.

I know what I was told, but this can't be right. Killing families in their homes at night.

I've spent all this time thinking as a group instead of thinking As an individual. I told our leader I wanted out today, he didn't Seem too happy. More gunshots, I'd better get out there. There's a Pain in my back, is that my blood on the floor?!?!

(An ode to a possibly real past, present, or future revolutionary soldier, raised to know only one thing and to follow orders to a crisp finality. A soldier that is unrelenting in his/her quest for knowledge, and one that has an irrepressible curiosity. To me, there’s a boundless honor in dieing for the right to ask a question, and certainly a shudder for those who would kill to suppress it.)

New Album

After a couple weekends in the studio the new album is finally done. We just have to press it now whenever we get the cash. Its going to come out on vinyl with the digital download. Keep checking here for updates about the release date.