YES IT IS....Beyond Blonde has been nominated for Album Of The Year - PURPLE ROSE and Lisa Markovich, lead vocalist, has been nominated for Female Artist of the Year. Click link to vote....not sure who we are? Check out a few tunes, visit our official website www.beyondblonderocks.com and then please take a moment to cast your vote. Polls close 2/7/14.


January 17th 2014

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Thanks Tony C for your comments on our latest CD - Purple Rose.......

Move over Sass Jordan, out of the way Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin: you would be proud. That's right, Lisa Markovich and Beyond Blonde are back with a amazing CD that's been a little while coming but has been well worth the wait. What I like about this CD is the emotion and range that Lisa brings. From celebrating love, to mourning the loss of a loved friend, Lisa's emotions run high. Songs that I am drawn to in particular are: Southern Girl (a fun rockin tune), Sometimes, which, for one band member, Mike Kaz (his name is impossible to spell) has special meaning for a Station Survivor. Perhaps the most emotional tune is the final track Purple Rose. This song, and indeed the CD, is dedicated to Lisa’s friend who tragically died from a motorcycle accident. This CD is a rockingly good, bluesy bit of wholesome goodness. You definitely will not be disappointed.

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