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Outlaw Psychosis - Album of the YEAR?!

***ATTENTION FRIENDS & FANS*** OUTLAW PSYCHOSIS has been nominated for ALBUM OF THE YEAR by 717 Entertainment. The voting starts today and will run all of this week...WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please vote through the link below and share this with all of your friends!! Thank you to everyone who has shown support so far!!! KEEP VOTING!!! http://poll.fm/4j0ux

44MAG Needs YOU!!

Hey Guys! We have been nominated "best live act" for the 717 music awards! We need your help to win this...You can vote ONCE PER DAY by sending an email to Nickellessmd@yahoo.com or dropping an FB message to http://facebook.com/717Entertainment Voting ends Dec 10th...All we ask is 2 min of your time each day this week! Thank you in advance for your help! JNM

Smokey Jo's, The CellBlock, Club Squared, WXPI and a broken van.

We kicked out summer off with a few killer shows, and exploding tires. The Brim Belle benefit show went well. Our friends Throne from Royalty tore it up at the Cell Block. Its a breath of fresh air to see a good band with members who are not a bunch of stuck up assholes. Very few band we play with like to party as hard as us, well Throne hung out all night and most of the next morning after the show. After rocking Smokey Jo's we enjoyed 500 more beers at our river lot, They slept in the mud, a tree house and a random tent. That's fucking metal ! Were really excited to have them back in town in July. Our next stop was club Squared in Phillipsburg, just outside of State College Pa. We played with a great rock band from Pittsburgh. Show went well until about 45mins after we left for home. One of our tires blew out leaving us stranded. Just like the typical bunch of fuck ups we are we didn't have our spare. We took it out of our trailer months ago to make room for PA gear. Well wouldn't ya know we needed that motherfucker ! Luckily we were only a hour and a half from home, and have good friends. We had one of our loyal drum techs bring us our tire. By the way Floyd if you read this THANK YOU !!!! Not only does he help us carry our shit, he brings us tires. We would also like to thank Papa Johns Pizza for bringing us dinner along the side of the highway. We eventually made it home to catch a few hours of sleep before the WXPI launch party. WXPI is a brand new community radio station based in Williamsport Pa. They had the launch party Sunday June 26th at the Gennitti Hotel in Williamsport. We closed the night and played to a lively bunch of music fans. It was good to see a solid group of fand rocking out at 930 on a Sunday night. Fuck yea horns up ! Next blog will be a recap of Liberty Fest 2011. until then stay metal !!

44Mag summer kick off, 2011

Summer is here, we have new songs, new show dates. Anyway, after each show this summer were going to be blogging about the show here on Reverb Nation. You could call it a tour diary or sorts, our thoughts on shit related to the band, shows and our drunken friends. Our first offical entry will be this sunday. Stay Metal !!! - 44Mag