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Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving,filled with family,friends,love,good music and plenty of turkey!!Thank you all so much for liking our music.We sure appreciate your loyalty and support.Be safe and have a great Thanksgiving.

Our Soldier's

I got an email from a soldier stationed in Africa and he had heard one of our songs and was trying to purchase our cd and was having problems..so I sent him the digital cd to his email free of charge.He was so excited..like a kid in a candy shop!! Sure does a body and soul good to do something kind for our men fighting for our United States.May the angels protect you Joshua..

Spring yet?

Well we really haven't had a winter around here in southern Indiana...so spring will be awhile gettin here.But we're in the progress of getting levels set on 15 more of our songs.We'll keep ya posted on when our new cd is ready..Thanks so much for listening and all the great comments on our music.Take care all..MFB

New Year around the corner

We hope everyone has a great New Year to come..with lots of happy times.Thank you all for helping us make it to #1 in the Louisville area this past year.We really appreciate your support.We never dreamed we would go to #1 here on reverb,or be accepted to Pandora,or have so many great fans..like you.Have a wonderful New Year..Love you all..MFB

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Hahah!! We just don't want to offend anyone!! But we do wish you and yours, a very special and blessed time during this holiday season and New Year coming.May you all have a safe,prosperous and Happy New Year to come and Merry Christmas to you all!! Take care..

Happy Thanksgiving

We wanted to wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.We are so thankful for our friends,family and you and we count our blessings each day.Take care and have a great day and weekend.Love to all...Muddy Fork Band


Well it looks like summer is slowly comin to an end.I won't miss the hot humid days and looking forward to some cooler weather..Hope everyone had a safe Labor Day weekend...

July 4th

Hope everyone has a safe and great 4th of July weekend!!!

New song added..Stories Grandpa Told

Added a new song..hope you enjoy..

New songs added to our playlist

"Do You Remember" and "Sunday Morning" were just added to our playlist.Just demo's and unmastered.