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New song from the clique Unitednati0ns, we be killin the game and the year go check it out on the reverb


We just put up the official video for "Mint Fresh". If you havnt seen this shit yet, u should check it out cause that shit is super hot fire


if u havnt heard recently, one of my best friends past away. It sucks that i had to go to his funeral and memorial and stuff like that and see him that way but we hung out 2 weeks before he passed away and it was cool because we had some beef but we got on good terms before he passed away, So i hope that hes in a better place and doin shit up

A pretty Boring Day

So heres the day so far, i woke up at about 2 this afternoon to smoke a dutch, took a shower and now all theres left to do is just turn on the netflix and have myself a movie night cause there aint shit to do today

It was pretty leget

The show was off the chain tonight. i got the crowd hype and singin along and shit. Couldnt beloieve the excitement from the crowd as i went on. Thanks to everyone that came out to support me!!!

Gettin ready

Theres only 2 days left til the show and im just gettin everything together so the show is poppin