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I Would

Well Creativity often comes through Chaos. We find ourselves, as musicians, capturing emotions and freezing them in time eternal. I have just written and recorded a new song. I hope you like it.

Five New Tunes on Reverbnation

I have posted five new tunes on Reverbnation this week. Come by and tell me what you think.Don't forget if you are in the Austin area the 27th of September I'm playing to a packed house at Kick Butte Coffee Venue...Come on down and see us. Gonna be a great show with nine bands. Keep rockin' for Days on End!

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Out of the Serenity Project

No hard feelings and now on to My two albums full time. Got Linux Studio set up and worked through most of the problems. Reseased two rough drafts of what they will become soon. Funny I put one of them up never been recorded before and sold one download before I woke up. I love my fans.

Serenity Project

Moving into someone else's shoes in a new band can be tricky. Hoping to make some magic with my new friends. Practice again tomorrow, Wondering where everyone's head is at...Maybe we will have more positive direction tomorrow night.

Summer is near!

Hope all my artistic friends get the mojo they deserve to start the summer off right. Getting in the groove and holding that note asonly you can. Keep rockin' it for Dayz on End!