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FallRise updates!

Dec 1st- Live in Oregon! January 26th- Live at Ace of Spades in Sacramento CA Music video in progress. Also stay tuned for any other show information we might have upcoming! Also new merch ordering available! Please see our Facebook page for more details on how to order FallRise gear and have it shipped! -Anthony

Brand new FallRise coming soon!

FallRise has received the first mix of the song recently recorded at Pus Cavern Recording Studio. The song is being mixed by Daniel Salcido of Groovemaster Recording Studios in Chicago, IL. This studio is responsible for records from bands such as Disturbed, Sevendust, Trapt and more. The band received the first mix last night for review and is currently worki ng on making adjustments and changes to get to the final product. Soon after, the band will seek out to get the song mastered.

More importantly the band is in pre-production for the music video that will be shot for the song, which will also feature a special guest. When the song and video are finished, FallRise will be putting together a new Sacramento show with a new line up of bands contrary to the last Sacramento show. The concert will be the official release of the single and music video. This will not be a show to miss!

Hey there folks

Some new updates from the FallRise camp this week. -Fresh off our recent performance at the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival we're really excited for the prospects in the near future! We definitely gained some new fans and friends that day. A HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to support that day, as well as all of the vendors and sponsors that made it happen. Monster Energy, Discovery Park, 98 Rock (Pat Martin, Dog and Joe), All the radio sponsors as well. -FallRise would also like to send a special shout out to all those who made it possible to perform on that stage, we are sincerly grateful for all the support we have received on our way to that incredible show. -Please continue to stay up to date on our website Fallriserock.com. There you'll find all the recent happenings on the band; including shows, news updates, media and more! - Our debut music video for the song "High on Misery" has been released to the public on Youtube.com don't forget to check that out! Don't forget to check us out right here on Reverbnation regularly for new updates and happenings in the world of FallRise. Until next time guys! -Anthony