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Just go with what you feel

Understand that you have fear within you, but why let fear control every aspect of your life. You may not realize this but your thoughts and actions towards certain situations, makes your judgments very cloudy and in the end you become indecisive to many decisions that needed to be made. Speak the truth when you can and when you can't, don't speak at all. The mouth always does it's best to constantly keep speaking even when it doesn't need to, it's time for you to control what comes out of your mouth and be judgmental to the feelings of others. Anger can make you say the wrong things that you know you can never take back, so be careful how you address yourself in front of others. It's so hard to live knowing that you have to watch everything you say and certain moves you make. The storage that your mind holds is greater than you could ever imagine, so know that you can watch everything you say and every move you make. So many people limit themselves thinking that the knowledge they have is all they will ever know, so they settle for the life that they think is all they have. Open your heart your mind and your spirit all at the same time, it's seems like a hard thing to do but in reality you're already doing it right now. You must start thinking and understanding who you truly are in order for it all to be clear to you. Be prepared for what you will receive if you decide to bring yourself to that next level because your soul will finally be freed. Unlimited knowledge will shower you like pouring rain that will overwhelm you at first but if not careful, can also stress you out to another level. This is why they say be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. Believing in yourself is something so amazing that it doesn't matter the amount of knowledge that comes into you, because you will absorb it and continuously keep doing great things in your life that many will appreciate. Think of life as being able to do what ever you want, and when you put that thought into your mind, you have to make it a reality for you to believe that the possibilities are right there. Sometimes you have to play mind games with yourself to be able to understand yourself, and once that's done, understanding others becomes part of what you're suppose to be. These gifts that I call great knowledge can be used for good and also evil, it is up to you to make the choice when the time comes, if the time comes because not all of you will be able to except the gifts to let it be part of you and part of your life, that's why you have the people you call "Haters". Haters are another word for bad people who really thrive on sending negative vibrations in the air to weaken your positive energy. Haters also have a gift; it's just that their gifts are used for evil to bring you down when you're at your best. You can always channel the hatred of others into positive strength within yourself, so never fear but fear one and that's the almighty God. Written by Michael Kwao

Facts of life

People really do come into your life for a reason. So many changes are happening right now that if you're not part of it, you'll be missing out on what's right in front of you. Ever since I've allowed my mind to be free, you would not believe the changes that are occurring in my life. It's really amazing the potentials you have if you dig deep enough. Trust me you will find what's already there waiting to be discovered. When I say that anything is possible, it's really not a joke. I'm about to do something that you may think is impossible in your life but so very possible. I will prove to you that your mind is what you make it. I've achieved many things in my life till now but I'm still not where I want to be. Time to enter a new door and start a new beginning. Everything I'm doing including what I'm about to do has never been done by one person before, not that I know of anyways. I'm happy to be blessed with an amazing knowledge to share with you. I thank God for giving me the strength to understand what I already have inside me. My dreams were a dream till I made them a reality for myself to believe that anything is possible. I honestly don't know what doors I'll be entering next, because like I stated in many of my writings "The doors are already opened for you, it's up to you to close the ones you don't want to enter". There are many doors that are not meant for you to enter but they will be opened for temptation. Nothing is easy, that's why you have to strengthen your mind to focus and enter the right doors. Opportunities are all around you and you already know that. I hear from so many saying "I want to do my best" So what's stopping you? Doing your best is something you need to do, not want to do. You must believe that your skills and talents are also worth something in your life. Things don't happen right away but with consistency, courage and determination, you'll be surprised at the outcome. It's an overwhelming feeling to know that you can do so much more, and with that feeling should come strength and everything will be possible. Written by Michael Kwao

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Mike....I Love your mind,spirit n soul! Keep blogging ur words of love! Continue to listen in love, speak in love n see in love! Thank you for sharing in love! You are truly blessed! Kimmy

Set your spirit free

Stop imprisoning your spirit within your body and set it free. You have created a huge stress within yourself that you can't live a normal life. Why is it that you can't let out your true feelings but keep trapping what you feel inside, and showing lies on the outside thinking you're fooling someone else, but in reality you're fooling yourself. Your body is only a vessel that is controlled by your spirit. Your mind is what fights your spirit from allowing you to make the right decisions that you need to make to move forward. Listen to your spirit before making a judgment onto yourself. Most of the answers that you seek are already there within you so you must allow your instincts to shine through. Don't you realize how many times you talk to yourself on a regular basis. You even answer your own questions and follow the answers that you think is right when you know 100% that it's wrong. You never want to hear the truth that is always given to you by your own spirit. You always create an answer with your mind that you're happy with and not wanting to listen to the right answers that are given to you. Stop fighting yourself and start actually listening to yourself to understand who you truly are, because you are very unique and have skills that nobody has. You are at constant war with yourself when it doesn't need to be that difficult. When you finally realize how simple life can be is when you become very old of age and start to see what was always there from the very beginning. When you get older you tend to give up on the thoughts of always fighting yourself and let your spirit finally do most of the work when that's what it wanted to do from the very beginning. Don't let your life pass you by and end up thinking to yourself "where has my life gone and what did I do in my years of living" Your mind can become the tools of your own failures, so in order for you to understand yourself fully, you will have to sacrifices your own selfishness and allow your spirit to be free. I do not have the answers that you're looking for but I can certainly guide you to understand yourself for who you are. You have to stop making yourself be the one to fix everything when you can't even fix yourself. When you learn how to balance the feelings that you feel inside, is when you start to begin to understand what was already there. Remember when you lie down in the middle of the night trying to sleep with your eyes wide open, and your mind having so many different thoughts overwhelming you that you end up into a deep sleep not knowing exactly how you fell asleep the night before. Those thoughts are thoughts you do not need to be thinking so your spirit shuts you down to wake you back up and hopefully start your day with a new beginning. Not understanding what's going on within yourself just makes you feel and think that what's happening to you is normal but it's not. This is your own doing and you just have to learn how to stop it by setting your spirit free. Once you understand that your spirit is there to guide you and help you, that's when you let it do what it has to do without always fighting it all the time. Your spirit is very strong and can be weak as well, what makes your spirit strong is when you let it do what it was meant to do. When you fight your spirit, it will always let you win that's how you weaken your spirit, and that's when you live the life of difficulties. It's up to you to figure out the way to set your spirit free because it's just waiting and will never be in a rush until you finally understand what's going on within yourself. No one can correct the mistakes that you're making because they have their own mistakes that they haven't figure out how to correct. In order to do so you have to set your spirit free. Written by Michael Kwao

Darkness & Light

You have now become the creator and no more are you just a creation in this life that you live. As I have the power to believe in what I'm doing, the judgments that others put upon me will never stop me from continuing my quest for the ultimate success. I see the vision that you don't see and I understand the feeling of wanting something and not getting it. You have a voice and you must be heard. Keeping that voice inside will never allow you to acquire the strength that you desire. You should never let your weakness overpower the feelings within your heart because you will end up with a broken heart. Understand that the beauty of a person is truly skin deep. Yes you may have the beauty from the outside but your inner spirit shines brighter. When you get lucky and grow older that's when you allow your spirit to really shine through when it should have been shining from your youth. We constantly have darkness and light within our lives and for some reason darkness represents bad and light represents good. In my eyes darkness is the physical body and light is the spirit that shines through our eyes. I see the world differently today as I've never seen it before, I think differently also because I'm allowing the thoughts in my mind to guide me through what I call my difficult times. It's either I allow the darkness into me or I let the light shine out of me...... brightening up my day, putting a smile on my face and enjoying every moment of what life has to offer me. The knowledge that is within me was instilled at an early age. I was very stubborn letting the darkness take over me and didn't want to feel any light to brighten my days. I am so happy to finally understand the gifts that were already there waiting to be released as I inhale relaxing to exhale. I still feel darkness within me sometimes influencing me, drawing me to bad things. I justify it to myself. It makes me feel better and I tell myself that it's OK to do bad things. It's very easy to lose yourself within yourself feeling like you're draining and then fighting to come back up. Surviving that draining feeling is what life is really about and when you surface from that struggle nothing should stop you. There's always light at the end of the tunnel. Out of darkness you will see the light. You will walk right through it, look up in the sky and start a brand new day. Be joyful with the life you have today because it really could be worse. When you allow things to go bad then you are constantly putting yourself in the shade of darkness. Do your best to brighten your days at all times and the light within you will always shine for everyone to see. Written by Michael Kwao

Kimmy  (almost 6 years ago)

Needed to read your words....to remind me of all I am! I love your mind!


Purpose beyond expectation

You ever wonder what your purpose is but just can't figure it out? It is time you set your mind free without thinking too much about your next move. The more you have an open mind, the more room your mind will have to absorb more information that you must carry to your next task. Everything that you do will always be judged by others who have no clue at the hard work you've put into creating what is now your creation. You must know that the energy that you give out has to come back into your system in order to put it back out again. Everything that you do has to be done through love, passion and not expecting anything in return but a great experience. The true purpose in life is to not expect a reward for something that you did to help the helpless. The more you give out the more you will receive without expectation, that's the gift you get without asking or wanting anything. Continue to live the life that you have created for yourself, and constantly keep pushing forward knowing that you are doing your part here in this world. In the society that you live in today, you must do your part playing your role, becoming the role model that the young will grow and look up to. When you live life expecting something continuously because of the hard work that you've done, you will not receive what you really need out of life. Make it a mission to help others because the feeling of fulfillment and joy that you bring to the faces of who you've helped is priceless. Surprises will always come your way without even knowing it, being happy filling your heart with brightness will always shine for not only you to feel but the world to see. You are a shining star that the young will look upon and wish that they can be in the future that you're not promised. Your legacy has to continue, and in order for that to happen you must follow your destiny that will lead you and guide you through your worst and bring you to your ultimate best. The past has now become your history that you will never forget because you always thought that you will never be where you are today. Something always has to happen in order for you to make that drastic change, and now that the change is made you must focus on what you must do. Life is always about doing and helping people because when you really think about it, you helping someone only means that someone will also help you. This is something that you can not forget because it's just how it works but not many people will understand it. There is a specific few in this world that will understand and know you for who you are. They come into your life to help in ways that you will understand because of the informations that is being given out to you. Sometimes you get confused because you feel like you're not achieving anything out of life but you are so wrong. The reason why you feel that is because your mind is till not free but it will be only when you believe. Nothing is easy and believing is definitely not easy but with constant practice and repetitive thinking, it all becomes one. If I can reach this point of my life thinking the way I do, who says that you can't do the same. I'm just an ordinary person just like you but with an open mind that's the only difference. My explanation of an open mind is literally doing my best to create more space in my head because I know that the mind has so much room left and I will always leave space for more knowledge. My knowledge is my purpose beyond expectation because helping others see what I see only brings me to my next level and that's my reward. Written by Michael Kwao

Your eyes

Yeah I'm looking at you, so what? I was given eyes to see and eyes to explore so why do you feel threatened when I look into your eyes? Most people get very uncomfortable when you look in their eyes and sometimes look away not wanting the eye to eye confrontation. Nothing should stop you from seeing eye to eye with anyone even at your weakest point, your strength has to come to play and you have to fight yourself to stay focused. The power of the eyes should never be underestimated at any given moment because people use them as leverage against the weak. The eyes as you already know can change your image and make you become who you want to be and what role you chose to play in the society of your world. There's so much that you need to learn about yourself that you don't even know unless it was revealed to you. The abilities that your eyes hold are there for you to find the combinations to unlocking yourself into a new world. For example "when I look into your eyes, I see you holding so much back and wanting to do so much more at the same time. Your eyes are what tells me that you are tired and needing a new life but your mouth will never speak and I will never tell". Secrets are held through your voice your eyes and into your mind so you must understand the heavy burden that you are putting upon yourself. Some people have the ability to understand themselves to a level where they receive constant knowledge, and their minds become open with wisdom. Your eyes will always vision your past to help you take the right steps towards your future, making sure you don't repeat what you went through in the past. The eyes are very intimidating that can also lie to you and make you see things that are not really there, the visions that your eyes are allowing you to see are not always the right ones. What your eyes are seeing are mostly a distraction to what you really need to be focusing on, it's very important to continue on a straight path or your eyes will lead you to so many wrong paths ahead. Some of these paths are there for you to make a choice whether to go through it or not, so you always have a decision to make at the end. Most of the decisions that you make are based on what you see and what is transferred into your mind. Every time you open your eyes that's the door to your future, and when you close them you get confused not knowing how to go deeper within yourself. The blind see things that you will never see or ever understand, but you are constantly amazed at what they do and how they are capable of doing it. It's time for you to do things that people will see and be amazed at how you do it. You know you have something special within yourself that only you can do and would love to share with the world. Stop letting your fears take over your dreams and take charge of what you need your dreams to look like. You must visualize your future in order to shape it and make it what you need it to be, become the artist of your life and create the best pictures with no faults. These pictures that you're creating with perfection should be the happiness within your heart, and at the end you can sit back looking at your creation feeling great and knowing that you have accomplished something you didn't think was possible. Look at yourself in the mirror deep into your eyes and ask the question “am I where I need to be at this point of my life?” If you can't answer that then your answer is NO, and it's time you find out where you need to be, and stop living by looking at the success of others and create your own success to be where you need to be. Written by Michael Kwao

T Blaze
T Blaze  (over 6 years ago)

I love this. The eyes never lie. I believe that.

Mike Kwao
Mike Kwao  (about 6 years ago)

The eyes never lie and that's the truth. Thank you T Blaze. Keep up the great work and all the best to you and yours.

Believe in yourself

Sometimes the ones that break up with you are the ones that push you to do your best in life, because they never believed in you. In their minds you were nothing but a loser and not worth anything in their life. They just failed to realize that success does not happen right away, it takes time, patience, and dedication. You should be happy and glad that they're not in your life anymore, now that all your dreams are coming true. It's great to take a look back into your past, to see all the hate and negativity that was around you at the birth of your great talents. Because of others, negativity nearly made you take the wrong path to follow. Everything happens for a reason so if you're not meant to be with someone, then it really wasn't meant for them to be part of your life. Now that life is going great after the hard work you've put into creating the great life that you've always wanted, they can only wish to say "hello how are you doing". I will never have hate within me, and I will never forget the ones that disbelieved in me. Because of their hatred and disbelieves, their talents will never shine. They will always watch from a distance as you continue to progress in life. It's really a shame when you put all your energy into wishing the worst on others, not realizing that the more you wish bad onto someone, the stronger they become. Be happy with who you are regardless of what people may think about you. Focus on the tests that you have to pass in life before you fail due to wrong doings of others. Learn how to balance yourself out in order to have balance in your life. People will come and people will go out of your life, but you still remain to continue your beautiful journey towards your destiny. Have a goal and start from there, who ever tries to disturb you from achieving your goals, does not deserve to be part of what you're creating for your future. It's never too late for happiness because happiness is already in you and all around you. You can never let anyone become your dictator in life, you are your own boss and letting someone be the boss of you, means you will possibly never find what you're destined to be. I will continue to say that you have great talents within you, and it takes a lot of patience and focus to be able to find them all. You are blessed for greatness in your life no matter what, the tools are right there in front of you, it's up to you to not let anything or anyone stop you. Life could be so great if you really want it to. I want it so bad that I'm going to take it, not just get it. Who says that only certain people can make it and be successful, everyone can make it and be great at it, you just have to believe because it's already possible.

Written by Michael Kwao


You made me who I am today so why should I ever shut you out of my life. People sometimes fail to realize that without the unity of an army you can never win battles or a war. Life is a battle and if we don't unite to help one another then the war will never be won. I am more than grateful to have you in my life, and I will never forget you as my true supporters who believes in me as I continue my journey. You know who your real supporters are when the time came they never let you down. When I was at my worst you were there, and now I'm thriving to become my ultimate best and you're still there for me. You can never be selfish after realizing how far you've come and what you went through to be where you are today. Most artists and superstars seem to forget that they did not make it this far on their own. They are constantly being loved and basically cared for by their true supporters and should not ignore but to embrace the fact that they are who they are because of people like you and I who believed in them. Now it's time to open your heart and help the helpless to become who they want to be because they also have dreams. Unite yourself with a great team of people who sees the pictures that you're putting together to become the most amazing art. You must unite and help each other grow because the more unity there is, the more strength your team will have that could never be broken. Your vision of seeing something brighter in your path can always become a reality with the right people around you. All you have to do is play the role that you were meant to play to help the society of people around you. You already have the support you need right there to become a great team. I am doing my part with the gifts that I have and I'm sharing it with you to better your life in any way possible. I have united myself with amazing people around me that because of their beliefs in me has made them strong to also believe. You must know that everything that you do will always count for something in the end. The people you help are more grateful than you will ever know because not everyone will come out in the open to say thank you, but you will feel the joy within your heart that you did something right for so many people. You can make a change in many lives, you just have to believe in yourself and once that's done the rest will reveal itself, but first you must believe that you can do it. The word unity in my personal opinion is a group of people created by one that started something out of nothing to make the biggest impact on people's lives to better their future and continue it forward. Like I said it's my personal opinion and that matters most to me despite of what anyone may think. Be kind to one another and help someone when you know that you can help them. This has nothing to do with money but all to do with the knowledge that you have within yourself to better not only you but the one beside you and the next. Say to yourself "I can unite the world with my gifts and I will because it's in me to make it happen one day at a time" If you truly believe what you feel then your gifts will be revealed to you when you least expect it. No one is perfect but you have the choice to change your ways of life when you know that you need to make a change. I have made quit the transitions to better myself to be a better man because my past wasn't the best. Now look at what I'm doing today to make changes in peoples lives including mine. You have your demons within you but as long as you are alive, you can make a difference in someone's life with your past history so they don't have to go through certain stresses that you went through to be where you are today. Never feel alone because you are never alone just remember that. Once you know that you're not alone, that's the beginning of unity. Written by Michael Kwao

Kimmy  (about 6 years ago)

I love ur mind!

Mike Kwao
Mike Kwao  (about 6 years ago)

Thank you so much for the read Kimmy :)


I do not write to make things difficult, I write for you to easily understand me, and know exactly where I'm coming from. I know that many has been in my shoes before, and can totally relate to my thoughts. This is the reason why I write, I'm also doing it, for the ones that think they're nothing. I use to think that I was nothing but just a street hustler, don't get me wrong please there's nothing wrong with hustling. I just didn't care about my life in those days of my past. But now I've got guidance and something to look forward to. You must know that you are someone as well, and means a lot in life and to society, not just to become part of life. I am so determined right now that if I could, I would open my brain for you to see the rotation of life in my head. Yes I've been through my dirt, I maybe still be going through some hurt, but the strength that I posses as I continue forward, I could never exchange for anything else. I can not let anything or anyone stop me anymore, like I said before in many notes, I am who I am. We are all individual people with many different skills and many gifts that only you can unwrap. Once you discover your true passion "your skills and gifts". Then you have been given the keys to start opening the doors that are meant for you to open. Life is like an art, and if the reason why I say if, is because not many will understand what's really going on. So if you have the perfect picture in your mind, then you have to start drawing in the lines and circles to create that perfect picture that you want so bad. Bad enough to not let anything or anyone stop you from achieving. At the end, your picture has to become the way that you want it to be, and in the process of painting that perfect picture, you will go through so many changes. Changes that will make you smile and make you feel great inside, changes that will make you continue and never stop, because sometimes, there is no ending to this painting, it only gets better and better as you continue to put the lines and circles together. If you are not determined to doing your very best or being someone special in your life time, then you will be just like some people who are lost with no guidance. Your determination will become what it needs to be for you, and only time will tell. Enjoy your life, and have fun doing what you love.

Written by Michael Kwao

Deep thoughts

Success starts from within, if you need something bad enough, you have to stop talking about it and take full action towards your achievements. Speech is great, but what's the point of speaking if you have nothing to back it up with. Have you ever realized how much you talk and how little you do? We have all sacrificed many years and achieved nothing but stress and heartache. What if you sacrificed the same years that you've wasted in the past, and said to yourself, " I'm going to sacrifice this amount of years to learn and achieve all my goals and accomplishments". Within those years, you must achieve what you've set your mind to achieve. I honestly believe that when you put your mind to something that you believe so much in, and know the ins and outs of, nothing can stop you but yourself. It doesn't matter what your skills are. What matters the most is to know what they are. You must be on top of your game at all times, even when you feel most vulnerable. Your weakness does not have to be publicized for you to feel better, make yourself feel better and learn how it's done. Repeating the knowledge of self fulfilment, is one of the ways to heal and move on to happiness. You have to understand that today you are in control for your future that is tomorrow. Let your mind be free to collect the gifts that are being given. You are as special as every human being on this planet. Don't feel that you're not part of what's going on in this beautiful world. Believe in yourself even when you go through failures in life. You must be willing to sacrifie in order to achieve. Nothing comes easy but in the end, you'll realize that the hard work was worth every bit of sweat.

Written by Michael Kwao