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Jordin Sparks Suffocates from No Air Challenge

http://www.now105.com/onair/tyler-layne-55738/Posted Monday, June 15th 2015 @ 12pm Haha.. well she didn't suffocate but she was nearly close to it! She had 1 breath to answer as many rapid fire questions as possible.. Get it.. That's why it's called the No Air Challenge... Anyways check out the video here!

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Brand New Single "Nothing Works Anymore"

Hey Everyone, My new single "Nothing Works Anymore" is now available for pre-order to be released June 3rd. Please check it out and order your download today! Thanks for your support https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nothing-works-anymore/id871511610?i=871511675

Ms. Perfect Video Release

I wanted to thank everyone that participated in the Ms. perfect Video Shoot! I can't wait to share the video on December 28th at 6:00pm!

Tyler performing on Hampton Roads Show

Check out this video of me performing on the Hampton Roads Show. http://www.fox43tv.com/dpp/video/live-music-holiday-tyler-lane I had a great time performing and Guitars for Vets was in the Audience. They spoke about the great work they do for our Vets. Happy Fourth of July. Come out to Beach Famfest on Friday July 8th. I will be performing at 8:00 pm and Guitars for vets will be on location sharing info about the program. Personal disclaimer: my music is not being played on Radio Disney. I wil be posting a list of stations to call and request my music and of the online radio stations who are currently playing my music on their daily broadcast. Thanks, Tyler

School Tours

I just had one of the best experiences performing for Elementary School kids in the DC area. The positive energy and questions the kids asked were great. I love what I do and hope that I can inspire kids like myself to follow their dreams and never give up. I was honored to be interviewed by the Pentagon Channel.April is the month of the military child so look for that feature this month. I am showing my support for an organization called Guitars for Vets. You should check them out. They are doing wonderful work with our veterans. Also this month look for me to be featured on Monique Coleman's of famed Disney's High School Musical website called Gimme Mo. Finally, I will be doing an interview with WCTV, Chesapeake channel 48 on April 7th. Lots of good stuff happening! It feels good when hard work pays off!

Big Audition

I had a second audition yesterday with a major network affiliate for a new sitcom pilot. It was so intense-I feel pretty good about it, and wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. That's the thing about this business-you just don't know what will be the event to launch your career, so you have to try every opportunity. If you have a chance to audition for something-do it! The worst that can happen is that the audition rejects you-big deal-when's the next audition I can go to? That's the attitude I have and so far, it's served me pretty well. Keep up your energy Tylings-you're gonna need it when you hit it big. Look for my name on the charts-it's gonna happen I can feel it!

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