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Bunches of Love

Wow! We've just recorded a little CD, attended our first Jamboree and are grateful for the bunches of love we've been getting from friends old and new. We're heading to Oskars Lyons on 2/14 for a Lying, Cheating..and loving it Valentines Show. And there's lots more to come. For now, thank you, thank you and...thank you :-)

Meet the Jamesons

Hi, all!

We're thrilled to be here on Reverbnation...and thrilled "to be" in general!

The Jamesons Co-Dependent Country Band celebrates the musical joys of "drinking, cheating, lying and loving it" with an emphasis on the love.

We're fun, upbeat and quirky...in a good way. Listen in, check us out and drop us a line here or our FB page.

Sharon, Paul and Ondrej