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Peter and the Twins First U.S. Tour.

Hey everyone!!! we are Peter and the Twins, a Rock 'n' Roll band from Minneapolis. We will be going on tour at the end of December, and will be traveling all around the us. Right now we are still in the middle of booking shows and finding bands who would like to headline a show with us in their home town. If you are an interested band, or know of a rocking band from your home town that loves to play live shows please let us know their information. As of now we are looking to travel through these cities, but we do have a little lee way to makes some changes. so don't be shy and contact us now!!!

Des Moines Oklahoma City Santa Fe Albuquerque/Santa Fe Tucson Phoenix Los Angeles Tucson Albuquerque tulsa/Wichita/manhattan/topeka Kansas City Columbia/St. Louis Terre Haute/Indianapolis Lafeyette/Gary/chicago Chicago Rockford/Kenosha Milwauke Madison La Cross/Eua Claire Mankato Minneapolis Duluth