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The End of Dream Wolf

We're calling it quits as a band, but not as musicians! Check out our website www.dreamwolfmusic.com or www.facebook.com/dreamwolfrocks for more info.

It's been a minute...

We've neglected reverbantion, and we're sorry. It's been a weird year for everyone! Two of our members were married, one of us gained a kid, there were fights and tears, and there was joy and enlightenment. All told, we have grown quite a bit and are now gearing up to release our second full length album. It's due out July 2014, and we'll keep you updated on how everything is progressing!

Dream Wolf missed you.

The Rock Opera

We are doing it. It's been a long road to here, but we are finally starting to put the pieces of the opera together. This will start small and become a monster! We have lots of summer show coming up...we will be experimenting on you with some new music!

Single Release

We will be releasing our second single this year called "Night Owl" on October 24th! Look for it and all of our tunes at www.dreamwolf.bandcamp.com.

We Has New Drummer!

Just picked up Tess Jehle from the B'Dinas (thanks for letting us borrow her guys!) and we've been working hard on getting her up to speed! This lady will seriously blow your MIND! Everything's sounding very "Who-ish" right now...we're bringing you back to the days when rock 'n roll required real players! We're taking her for a test run April 22nd at the Gusto! Come give her support...and help out with a serious issue: the minimum wage!