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Buy Your Possession Limited Edition Lighter

This two-sided chrome colored lighter is now only available through Christmas season. It comes with your name and the MOAM logo on one side, with the Possession Pre-Chorus on the backside. The lighter comes in a signed tin and also a personal Thank You from the band. Anyone who purchases this lighter will receive special discount offers on future items!

Look at the Facebook event below for more info! https://www.facebook.com/events/129409183876268/

Send orders via Facebook or to moamassacre@yahoo.com

Interview with HardRock Harry

Memoir of a Massacre announces plans for a new EP and return date on Xtreme Metal Radio with HardRock Harry!


Bye Bye Bassist

Many have asked us about Jack leaving. Simply put, we will not disclose any reasoning out of respect to all individuals, but know that there are no hard feelings and Jack is still in good standings with us! We would ask that all persons who have given him a hard time, please let up! Thanks!

Recording Anthem Studios

After recording Possession at Anthem Studios, we have decided to pursue finishing up the new EP with Will Beasley. We will be heading into the studio to record the next two songs on November 14 and 21! Keep an eye out for new tracks and a release date!

Recording - Nova Productions

We are currently in midst of recording with Nova Productions. Steven's been a great guy and we hope to have something out soon! The new album will feature 10 tracks, a couple oldies with a bunch of new tracks to kick your face in. Keep an ear out for a release date and contests that could win you a FREE copy or download!!!


As of yesterday, Memoir of a Massacre is participating in TWO battles: Hollywood Undead @ The Norva Uproar Festival Fans and their friends can do their part to see us play both! By purchasing TICKETS and BALLOT voting at the Norva Friday July 22, you can help us open for HOLLWOOD UNDEAD! Tickets are $10, with doors opening at 6PM! You can grab tickets from any band member! Just remember to hit us up! There's only a few days left! UPROAR is a bit different though. This is done by ONLINE VOTING and is much easier than buying tickets! At this website - http://battle.rockstaruproar.com/u/Memoir - you will find the page to vote for us on. By clicking on the button to vote for us, it will prompt you to create an account - which is FREE, both monetarily and from obligations ^_^ . The bands with the highest votes win! The higher our PLAYS, the more likely we will be viewed! We're not just competing for the festival though - we can get STUDIO TIME and MORE! Check out both of these great opportunities, and remember - UPROAR voting can be done ONCE A DAY by fans! So remember to stop by out page each day! -Memoir of a Massacre

Upcoming Shows & Other Shit

We're now working on a new set of songs! We can't give an exact date on when we'll have one up, but we're workin' to get one up soon!

In the meantime, you can check out our online store at www.memoirofamassacre.bigcartel.com . We've got some merch, some old merch, and some tickets for sale up there! We also need some new additions for our Street Team, which will offer prizes to the best performing team member(s) depending on the event!

Show-wise, we'll be rockin' out at the North Carolina Hatchetfest October 29! This is great way to start up Halloween weekend! $10 entry, great music, great people! We'll have more details soon!

Please keep in mind, we are also selling tickets to our upcoming Powerman 5000 show at Budda's Place November 4.