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Trust In God

I met some of my neighbor's for the first time yesterday.. they asked if I would cut their Grass for them, I said Sure! I have church tonight but I can get it done tomorrow. So Today around lunch time I took a break and we had a discussion about Spirituality, Faith & Religion. They know i'm a Christian and they Love Jesus the man, but they have Issues with the Bible and believing that Jesus is the Son of God. I shared my testimony with them and gave them answers to their questions biblically. Later on while I was finishing up the back yard, One of my neighbors came up to me and said " I just want to thank you for everything Manny, you have been a Blessing to Us.. your Spirit oozes of the Lord. Even before you spoke I could feel the Love of God in your Presence, After the discussion we had I will definitely read my Bible more often. I replied Thank you, I'm just a simple man doing the Lord's work.. can I pray for you? she said yes. Sweaty as I was I then embraced her In the Hot sweltering Sun and prayed for her in the Spirit right then and there. Praise the Lord! :)


I Fasted the day before yesterday. The next morning I heard a knock at the door, to my surprise I received a New Rocking Recliner for FREE! :) J/S #GiveGodTheGlory #TestTheWord